A Midwife's Companion CD

A Midwife's Companion CD

Ref: 9781905220878

How the Midwives Companion CD works

Life as a Midwife brings a whole host of joys as well as many challenges. In the current climate, you may sometimes feel stressed, frustrated and even de motivated. This CD has been specifically researched and designed to help Midwives feel and be more motivated, more energised and better able to deal with the daily challenges of your chosen profession.

Simply by taking the time to lie down a couple of times a week, to close your eyes and drift into relaxation, you will very soon feel a difference in your energy levels, in your ability to cope and in your general outlook towards life as a midwife.

This CD has been created by Maggie Howell, founder of award winning Natal Hypnotherapy which has helped over 100,000 women have a more positive and calmer birth experience.

When to listen to the CD
When you have come home from work or when you taking a "power break" at work, take some time just for you. Listen to the MP3 as often as you want, track 1 is an Introduction and track 2 is the Midwives Companion relaxation session. Remember the more you listen, the more effective it will be.