Weight loss through healthy choices CD

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The reason most people over eat have little to do with hunger or their actual need for energy. It is often for reasons such as stress, boredom, habit, loneliness, tiredness, addiction to sugar and dehydration. In addition, ingrained negative thought patterns and associations around food (which come from our previous experiences) and lack of will power, or inability to consciously control the desire to eat certain types of food, prevent them from making healthy choices to reduce their weight.

By changing your thought patterns, shifting unwanted habits and changing your perspectives around food by spending time just relaxing and listening to a download, you can feel so much better, be so much healthier and reduce your weight into the bargain.

1. How often should I listen to the track?

I recommend that you listen to the track every day for at least 7 days, but ideally for up to 14 days. After that you can listen to it once a week as long as you feel the need, for ideally up to 3 months. Scientific studies have shown that it takes anything from 21 to 67 days in order to completely change a habit - so to avoid going back to your old unwanted ways, please keep listening for 3 months.
As with anything, the more you do something the better you get at it and in this case the more effective it becomes. The mind likes things that are familiar, so by telling yourself these new ways of thinking and behaving over and over again, they become more and more familiar and so easier and easier for the mind to follow.

2. When should I listen to the track?

Ideally at a time when you are not going to sleep as you are more likely to enter a state which is most conducive to absorbing positive suggestions (a state which is not the same as sleep). This could be after work instead of getting a glass of wine or first thing in the morning as a way to gently wake up and set yourself up for the day ahead.
Please do not listen to it in the car or whilst operating any machinery. You need to be able to really relax and let go and not to have to consciously do anything.

3. How long will it take to notice any changes?

Everyone will absorb the suggestions and take on the new patterns at different rates - for some, you may need to listen to it a few times to be comfortable with the process and then you begin to notice the changes, for others you may feel a significant difference after hearing the track just once. As with any shift in habits or patterns, it helps to remind the mind, so regularly listening to the track makes the changes happen so much more easily.

4. Do I need to follow a specific eating programme at the same time?

No, however if you are already following a specific programme which is already helping you then this track will simply make it easier.

5. Is this the same as going on a diet?

No - this is about changing your thought patterns, habits and choices so that you automatically choose healthier options. It is also about changing the way you feel about the process. When you say the word "diet" how do you feel? For many the word alone can cause so many negative feelings. In addition there is a lot of evidence that diets do not actually work in the long term. It is only by changing your thoughts, triggers and eating habits to ones which are healthy and beneficial for you that you will reduce your weight and size to one which is right for you. By listening to this track once a day for a week you will soon notice a change in your patterns, you will be drinking more water, feel less cravings, enjoy the food you do eat, stopping when you are full and feel more in control of your choices.

So I would suggest that you simply stop using that word from now on. In its place keep telling yourself that you are going to reduce your weight through healthy choices - you could even put a sign up with these words on the fridge.
Once you begin listening to the track, you are giving your mind suggestions to be attracted to the right type of food and drink for you. Once again, we are all different and some people may have been attracted to carbs or to sweet foods or to fatty foods. The track is not implicit about any of these. However everyone would benefit from eating more nutritionally rich food, drinking more water, eating more fruit and veg, and eating to fuel your body and not to appease your emotions, habits or stress.

6. I know that I eat when I am bored / tired / stressed /lonely / sad - how can this help?

First of all you are not alone - the vast majority of people have developed eating habits which are driven more by our emotions and habits than our bodies need for fuel. These may be as simple as reaching for the biscuit tin when you put the kettle on or having a sugary snack mid afternoon - just to keep you going till dinner time. Eating foods which are high in sugars and fats also help to balance our moods (for a short time) so reaching for the chocolates when we are stressed, tired, sad etc can fool us in to thinking it will make us feel better.
The track helps you manage and change these habits by giving you alternative thoughts and actions when you notice the old thought process begin, which, in the past, would result in you reaching for the comfort food. It helps you to break those old patterns and create new ones which result in you drinking more water, replacing unhealthy snacks with healthy ones and giving yourself alternative things to do to bypass the old habit

7. I don't have much willpower. Can this help?

Will power is a conscious process - It can work for a short while as your conscious mind has a will so to speak, however it is your subconscious that has the power. So if you have strong messages from your subconscious telling you to do something else based on habit or emotions (I always have biscuit with my tea, I have had a rubbish day so I deserve a bar of chocolate, I was always told to finish everything on my plate) guess who wins? Yup, the subconscious. So imagine now that your subconscious is telling your conscious that you have a choice over what you eat, that eating nutritionally powerful food will lift your mood, that drinking more water makes you feel full of energy and vitality, that it is OK to stop eating when you are full - the need for will power to resist things has been flipped on its head. Instead you have broken the old habits and you find you look at nutritionally weak, fatty or sugary food and may be surprised that you simply don't want them anymore. As a result most listeners have found their old cravings and emotional and habit driven behaviours have reduced and often gone completely.