Pregnancy Relaxation - Hypnobirthing for a Relaxed Pregnancy  MP3

Pregnancy Relaxation - Hypnobirthing for a Relaxed Pregnancy MP3

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How the Pregnancy Relaxation mp3/m4a works

This deeply relaxing Natal Hypnotherapy™ mp3/m4a is a wonderful antidote to the regular stresses and strains of normal life, let alone when you are pregnant!
The Pregnancy Relaxation mp3/m4a teaches you a gentle way to develop your own relaxation skills to learn effective breathing techniques and to become more focussed on having a positive healthy pregnancy.

With this mp3/m4a you will learn deep relaxation techniques, guided visualisation and positive suggestions which will help you be more comfortable, feel more confident and so have a more enjoyable pregnancy.

Taking time out to relax relaxed during your pregnancy not only helps you have a healthier pregnancy but also gives your baby a great start in life.

To get the best results from this mp3/m4a, use it as part of the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy™ Programme.

When to listen to the mp3/m4a?
From conception through to 32 weeks, 2-3 times per week.