Effective Birth Preparation - Your practical guide

Effective Birth Preparation - Your practical guide

Ref: 9781905220595

What makes this book different?

Based on Maggie Howell's ground breaking work with thousands of women and birth professionals, the book explains why birth has become such a traumatic affair in our culture and how an individual woman can break out of this fear based birth culture and prepare for the birth in a more positive and confident way.

As world renowned Michel Odent states “This book is more than a guide book. It is a book about human nature with the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques helping to undo thousands of years of cultural conditioning”.

Author and anthropologist Sheila Kitzinger feels “The material is well researched and vividly presented, and any woman who studies and rehearses the author's practical suggestions helps herself towards a positive - even exultant - birth experience.”

Unlike many of the books on pregnancy which are currently available, the guide focuses on emotional, mental as well as physical preparation, explaining what a woman can do to help herself such as relaxation, visualisation, self hypnosis and breathing.

As midwife Caroline Baddiley says “How wonderfully refreshing to have a Birth Preparation book that focuses on feelings and emotions rather than on the technicalities of birth. A complete how-to-deal-with-fear-toolkit for all pregnant women.”

In addition the book gives women and their partner’s step by step practical guidance, tips and tools on how to practice and perfect these techniques for themselves. The reader is encouraged to practise each exercise, to complete the work book section of the book and to take ownership of, and personalise her own birth preparation. As one reviewer, Shona Kitchener said

“This book is a pocket sized course & therapy session in one! I felt as if someone was sat with me talking through each chapter. This was a life changing read and should be on every pregnant mum’s essential purchases list!”

The clear, easy to follow style of the book takes the reader by the hand and supports her in her journey to follow and complete the five steps to a better birth. 1. Overcome fear 2. Learn how to manage pain 3. Know you can do it 4. Prepare your birth partner 5. Acquire practical skills.

The book is also full of inspiring and heart warming birth stories by mums who have used the tools and techniques, plus interesting facts about childbirth through the ages, which help reinforce the key messages in this book - trust, confidence and belief that your body already knows how to birth your baby.

Editor of Pregnancy & birth magazine, Ellie Hughes knows how valuable that can be - “you will find plenty here to help you work with your body, and feel confident and in control during this life-changing, life-giving event. A huge help in combating the fears many women will feel as they approach labour.”

More reviews

Ninette Hume, midwife - I am already spreading the word about this amazing book, I am a midwife and often recommend this book if women express a view of wanting to achieve a normal birth, I have bought two copies for expectant mums myself, family and friend, and they both found it fantastic, they achieved a normal birth drug free, thank you so much.

Dot Parry, midwife, NCT teacher - "This modern day manual is packed with old fashioned wisdom and common sense techniques to help 21st century women give birth confidently, safely and peacefully."

Emma Rhodes, Natal Hypnotherapy™ mother - “Reading this book is like having an enormous weight lifted. It’s so refreshing, encouraging and full of good sense; convincing you that not only is a calm, relaxed, positive birth experience entirely possible, it should be expected!”

Julie Green, Midwifery lecturer, supervisor of midwives - “This book will help women to reduce any fear they may have before the phenomenal life changing event of birth. The non-technical explanations and use of women's stories reflect the body's natural ability to give birth so positively, giving control back to the woman herself - excellent"

Danielle Diosi, NCT teacher -“this wonderful book, makes so much sense. A definite must for any pregnant woman’s reading list”

Khim Lee, midwife - “How empowering and rewarding it is for me as a Midwife, to see how effective the techniques in this book are. They have made a tremendous contribution to women, enabling them to have better birth