Why train in the Natal Hypnotherapy approach?

Why choose the Natal Hypnotherapy approach to hypnobirthing

1. The NH approach is really practical, down to earth, achievable and yet realistic for all couples, regardless of the kind of birth they are planning.

2. We do not believe in the need to avoid "scary" words like pain or contraction. Instead, we encourage women to embrace them and work with them and hence take the fear factor away. I believe that by encouraging women not to use standard words such as contraction or pain, there is an increase in the negative energy and power around that word. So for me, a contraction is a contraction.

3. The approach is really individual. We tailor many elements of our programme to each person as we do not believe that one size fits all. This way couples really take ownership and feel that the program fits their personal needs, fears and plans.

4. The training is often "life-changing" for practitioners as you will learn tools and techniques to use in your own life, not just for the couples you work with.

5. We have a very strong reputation in the NHS. Unfortunately, some Hypnobirthing training programs have a reputation for creating some friction between couples and midwives eg long list of words and phrases they cannot use, only talking to the partner etc. Having trained over 1000 midwives I know that many of them feel uncomfortable with that approach. Natal Hypnotherapy is far more inclusive and helps couples work collaboratively with the midwives.