Why should I learn Hypnobirthing?

Why should I learn Hypnobirthing?

Why should I learn Hypnobirthing?

The Natal Hypnotherapy method is

• a practical and effective way to have a positive and more relaxing birth experience;

• very easy to learn and practice as you don't have to do very much at all;

• affordable and a great way to learn relaxation and breathing techniques;

• tried and tested by 150k+ women because they work!;

• helpful to birth partners to guide them through supporting the mum during birth;

• available in different formats to suit your learning style and budget including;
- confidence building face to face classes
- self paced online training
- soothing award winning audio downloads; and a
- practical and effective birth preparation guide book to help you have a better birth.

• designed for everyone - no matter what kind of birth you are planning.

• realistic and down to earth - free of fluff, nonsense and airy fairy words

It is worth noting that Maggie Howell who created Natal Hypnotherapy back in 2000 has given birth to 5 children at home without so much as an aspirin. You can watch Alex's birth online to give you some extra encouragement.

Natal Hypnotherapy is the only hypnobirthing program in the UK deisgned and developed exlusively from a mother's experiences of giving birth and then training in Clinical Hypnotherapy.