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Why do a hypnobirthing class with a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner?

Are you worried or scared about labour or birth?

Are you worried or scared about labour or birth?

Being scared, fearful or anxious about giving birth can have a negative impact on your body during pregnancy and labour. Feeling relaxed, breathing effectively and staying calm at all times can dramatically reduce the level of tension, adrenaline and so the level of pain experienced in childbirth.

Natal Hypnotherapy antenatal classes (often referred to as hypnobirthing) teach you natural ways to work with your body to reduce the level of pain experienced during labour.

It may help you to read what participants have said about the classes and how they helped them prepare for birth. To read the testimonials on the classes click here.

Interactive, informative and inspiring antenatal classes

Interactive, informative and inspiring antenatal classes

Natal Hypnotherapy run 16 hour antenatal classes (split over 2 days or 4 sessions) geared towards empowering and preparing parents emotionally as well as physically for the birth.

The interactive teaching approach includes the use of PowerPoint, videos, interactive sessions, group work, couple work and hypnosis relaxation sessions.
Learn techniques for managing labour pain

Learn techniques for managing labour pain

During the two day course you and your partner will not only learn self-hypnosis, but also practical comfort measures including massage techniques for managing labour pain, easy and effective breathing techniques to achieve deep relaxation, and an understanding of how your body is designed to birth your baby.

Fantastic support for Birth Partners

Fantastic support for Birth Partners

These days fathers and birth partners are expected to be at the birth. But often they go in unprepared, a bit scared and not knowing what to do or say other than "breathe"!

The course was created with both the mother and her birth partner in mind. The concerns, fears and worries of the partners are as equally valid as the mother as we know that if a partner goes into the labour feeling calm, focused and really prepared with practical, realistic tools and techniques, then the mother will be far more relaxed and able to focus on the job at hand!

The exercises are done as couples but also in groups of just birth partners to give them a chance to share their worries, to plan their own strategies and to gain insight and support from each other.

Some of the best bits of feedback we get from the course is usually from fathers as they may have reluctantly turned up on Saturday morning feeling sceptical that it will all be incense and candles. Yet they leave feeling confident, armed with really practical tools and techniques (no long scripts or cringey things to have to say!) and ready to support her in the way that is right for her.

NB - If you wish to do the course without a partner, that is also fine - your practitioner will adapt the exercises accordingly

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