Whats included in an online Hypnobirthing Class?

You get
• 8 hours of training
• Interactive Video tutorials
• Birth Videos
• 4 Hypnosis Downloads
• 40 pdfs to print out
• Pregnancy and birth Affirmations
• Available 24/7

Hypnobirthing classes work!

Hypnobirthing classes work!

If you're anything like me I always like to check out reviews, get some stats and find out if something really works. So here are some numbers which may help:-

1. 98% of all NH users would recommend it

2. The c-section rate of NH users is 14% (compared the UK average of %25)

3. All reviews for the online course are 5 star

4. We have over 5000 followers on our facebook page

5. Over 3,000 midwives and health professionals recommend it

6. Over 300 doctors have chosed Natal Hypnotherapy for their birth preparation

So from that you can see that

A. It works
B. Many women before you have done it and benefitted from it
C. Health professionals love these techniques and want you to use use them

Don't take our word for it. Our 5 star reviews speak for themselves.

"The Natal Hypnotherapy course was totally transformative for me. I just felt so relaxed, calm and in control throughout the whole process. I'd practiced all the techniques in advance and then it all just kicked in during the labour.

It was also great for my partner. It gave him the confidence to agree to a home birth and meant that he knew how to support me when I needed it.

He's gone from being quite a cynic to Natal Hypnotherapy's biggest fan!!" Hannah, Surrey

With the online hypnobirthing class you will learn everything you need to have a positive birth - all in the comfort of your own home

Preparing for the birth of your baby can be a daunting task. All kinds of thoughts can play on your mind

"How am I going to get something so big out of something so small?"

"How come everyone seems to have a horror story to tell?"

"If I think postiive will I set my self up for a fall?"

So just for a moment imagine how great it would be if this is how you thought instead:-

"Like most pregnant women, I was very anxious about the pregnancy and birth. Now I am completely relaxed and enjopying the rest of my pregnancy and ctually looking forward to the day my baby comes" Rebecca, Switzerland

Maggie has been one of the leading hypnobirthing experts in the UK for the last 15 years

Maggie has been one of the leading hypnobirthing experts in the UK for the last 15 years

She has trained over 1000 midwives and helped over 100,000 women. She is a clinical hypnotherapist and doula, plus she has used the techniques herself for the births of her 5 children!

So If you would like to be really prepared, feel more in control, feel confident that you can give birth with as little help as possible and even begin to look forward to the birth, then follow this proven step by step birth preparation method.

This online hypnobirthing course enables to you learn all this in the comfort of your own home and at a time and pace that suits you. The course is available 24/7 in 16 bite sized modules so you can dip in and out when it suits you.

Unlike other courses, this in not a static - "sit and watch" type of online course - it is an interactive, multimedia course which encourages you to actively participate, practice and develop your hypnotherapy and birth skills.

Benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skillsBenefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skills

If you are worried it is a bit airy fairy...

Then read on. This is an evidence based course which has been developed and continuously improved to be in line with the latest clinical research and maternity guidelines.

This course uses science, research and logic to help you understand how the mind and body work, coupled with practical, informative and down to earth, yet hard hitting tools to help you address any fears or worries which have the potential to turn birth into the horror stories you may have heard.

Unlike many other courses which talk about all your choices and what you are supposed to do to prepare, this course actually shows you how to prepare with guided exercises, videos tutorials, audio recordings and printable handouts.

"Your online course is brilliant! The content is excellent: comprehensive, detailed, interesting and in bite sized modules. It strikes a great balance between the science and the art of birth. Compared to other hypnobirthing classes, yours is a lot more comprehensive, detailed and user friendly" Asal, Germany

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Wherever you are planning on having your baby, this is the perfect preparation

There are so many options now for antenatal education; from NCT classes, to antenatal yoga, to Lamaze to NHS classes. Until very recently most of those classes had to be done in a face to face setting.

For many people this is still the first option but for others constraints such as time, money, location and childcare can make it more difficult.

This complete online birth education course helps overcome many of those challenges as it can be done in your own time, at your own pace. It is available on any device and you can have access to it 24/7.

Recently, Nicole who lives in the outback in Australia used this course for the birth of baby Cade. She is 2 hours away from her nearest antenatal class so this course was perfect for her. She had a really tough time with her first birth so was desperate to have a better experience this time round.

"Doing this online course was one of the best decisions I have ever made! It gave me a really good understanding of my body and birth and gave me the confidence to trust in my body. I was really able to enjoy the whole thing as I felt so in control, was totally able to cope with the pain and keep a level head. Even though I was induced I was able to do it all without any pain relief. Even my obstetrician commented on how well i was doing." Nicole, Australia

What is included with this online hypnobirthing course?

What is included with this online hypnobirthing course?

You will get

- 8 hours of multimedia and interactive tuition with Maggie Howell - now if you were to have that face to face with that would alone cost you £400.

- 16 multi media modules

- 4 hypnosis downloads which sell for £40, which includes one for your birth partner to listen to .

- 40 pages of downloadable handouts and worksheets

- access to a private facebook group with help and support

On top of that we have included five great bonuses which would take you hours to research and collate online:

1. Over 100 brilliant pregnancy and birth affirmations

2. A definitive guide on induction - what it is , the NICE guidelines, tips for natural induction and techniques to help you if you need an induction

3. A whole bunch of inspiring birth videos and interviews with parents

4. A guide to preparing your own birth preparation mind map with a gorgeous example for you to create your own

5. A guide for your midwife including a data sheet on how they can best support you, the research to back up the claims, sticker to put on your birth notes, door sign for the birth room and more.

Personal reflection and homework

Personal reflection and homework

We all have different learning styles, I love to make notes, some like to just listen to a voice, others like to watch presentations. I don't know which style suits you so I have covered all three! In each module alongside the presentations there are printable handouts, worksheets and homework / reflections. You can print them off as you go or print them all in one go (check out the resources section).

I have included homework as I believe it will help you to personalise your learning and to tailor your preparation to your unique circumstances. Your situation and your birth are unique - there is no such thing as one size fits all - the more you can think about what you want, about how you can make the most of your situation the better.

Benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skillsBenefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skills

Hypnosis and relaxation downloads

Hypnosis and relaxation downloads

Practicing hypnosis by listening to recordings is at the core of your preparation. It is this that will make the biggest shift in the way you think and feel about the birth.
This course includes 4 downloads:-

1. A pregnancy relaxation track
2. Letting go of fear track
3. A birth rehearsal track for mum
4. A partners birth preparation track

Birth videos

Birth videos

Seeing is believing! So many of our fears come from the media portrayal of birth which is almost always negative and scary so throughout the course you will be able to see how other mums have given birth after using Natal Hypnotherapy.

We have chosen a variety of births to show you including home births, birth in hospitals and maternity units and even a birth of twins. Many women who have done this course have found these to be a really powerful way to reframe what birth can be like.

Ideas on how best to approach the course

Ideas on how best to approach the course

The course takes about 8 hours to complete so depending where you are in your pregnancy you can schedule time accordingly. The beauty of the course is that it is completely flexible and you can revisit any module at any time.

If you are earlier than 36 weeks then aim to do one to two modules per session. It might be helpful to schedule a specific time each week to do the class with time dedicated to the homework and listening to the hypnosis downloads. By spreading out the course you will have time to assimilate the information and practice the exercises as you go through each module.

If you are quite close to your due date (ie around 36 weeks+) then aim to do 2 - 3 modules in one go and then have a couple of days break.

Start the benefitting from course now

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I am already listening to a hypno track - do I really need to do a course as well?

The tracks are great and will really help you relax and feel more confident. However as one mum once said, listening to a track is like hearing your favourite band on the radio, doing a course is like going to see them in concert!

By taking the extra step and doing this course, you will
- learn a huge repertoire of practical comfort measures,
- take time to acknowledge and let go of any concerns you have,
- learn how to personalise your birth preparation,
- learn amazing strategies for your birth support partner to keep you calm and focused,
- understand exactly what will happen during labour and how to work with your body,
- learn how to best work with your medical support team

We are spending a lot of money on getting ready for the baby - can I really afford to do this course?

Having a new baby of course brings with it lots of new expenses. It is a great opportunity to buy some really gorgeous, cute, beautiful things for those early days with your new baby.

So I get it that spending £97 may feel like quite an additional cost. From the women who have invested in doing this course they often go onto say that it was worth every penny (and more!). The techniques they learnt gave them peace of mind, a sense of calm, an increased confidence and ultimately a positive birth experience that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

"This was the best money I spent in my whole pregnancy. I was worried that I could not really afford it but with hindsight now having done the course I feel it is totally worth every penny".

I am considering having an epidural - is there any point doing this course?

Absolutely, for several reasons

1.For most women who learn and practice Natal Hypnotherapy, they get a huge amount of benefit from the time they use it during pregnancy. Being able to legitimately take time out of your busy day to go and lie down for half an hour to "prepare for the birth" is invaluable.

2. It will give you extra coping strategies to deal with the early part of labour. Most hospitals will not give you an epidural the minute you walk in the doors so having coping strategies to get you through until you can have an epidural is really beneficial. You may even find that you don't need an epidural or that if you do, you are able to cope brilliantly for longer.

3. Also your baby will benefit from you using Natal Hypnotherapy in the later part of your pregnancy which helps them to stay calmer during the birth and postnatal period.

4. Going through the course will help you understand why some women feel more pain than others and by knowing how to avoid that, the need for an epidural may also go.

I am already doing yoga and NCT - do I need this as well?

This course really compliments both yoga and antenatal classes. Whilst yoga focuses a lot on the physical preparation for birth and NCT on the mental preparation, this course really helps you prepare emotionally for birth. The beauty of hypnosis is that it helps to deal with fears at a subconscious level. The information in antenatal classes can be extremely useful, however if you have deeper fears then all the information in the world will not take that away.

Many NCT teachers have trained to be Natal Hypnotherapy practitioners as they have recognised that the tools on this course really get to the core of the issue and really help you to be prepared and equipped to have a positive birth experience.

Does my partner have to do the course?

No, you can go through the whole course and get a huge amount out of on your own. If you are planning on having someone support you at the birth - a friend, relative or partner then it is really helpful for them to take some of the modules - ideally module 6, 7, 13 and 14

Benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skillsBenefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skills

What is the format of the course?

This online course is split into 16 bite size modules with videos, presentations, quizzes, hypnosis downloads, handouts and worksheets. You will be able to access the course 24 /7 and watch it on any device, so you can learn all these amazing techniques any where and at anytime that suits you.

Enjoy a calm birth

Benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skillsBenefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skills

"I remember the midwives thinking my wife was asleep up until 45 minutes before she gave birth at home. They were so convinced that she was in early labour that one of them went out to get some lunch." Phil, a proud dad in Surrey