VBAC Births

" Natal Hypnotherapy will be at the top of my mind for recommending to others"

I can't thank you enough! I have the songs on both my iPhone and mac now, and the instructions on your website were VERY helpful! I've bought 3 products from your site: VBAC hospital birth, stress relief and Relaxing Birth Music, all with the same music. My subconscious is deeply programmed to relax, deeply, when it hears that music, so I am incredibly grateful to have it at my disposal again. I've missed it, and it's so beautiful and calming. Thank you so much for taking the time to thoughtfully and thoroughly respond to my emails, and thank you for including the files. Natal Hypnotherapy will be at the top of my mind for recommending to others. Even if they're not pregnant women, I can still recommend the stress relief track. I ADORE Maggie's soothing voice and British accent, and the guided meditation is effective.
Many thanks!

I gave birth vaginally to a little boy, on 22nd April. This was after two caesareans

Lindsey Freathy - Third time mother
Heavitree Hospital
Listened to VBAC CD 1-5 times and to Birth Preparation CD 11-20 times

"I am delighted to inform you that I gave birth vaginally to a little boy, Luke, on 22nd April. This was after two caesareans. I found your CDs enormously beneficial and your advice on the telephone, invaluable. All were positive affirmations that a normal delivery was indeed possible. The CD made me feel like I was an active participant in the birthing of my baby right from the early days of my pregnancy. It helped me to bond with my baby in the womb and feel a sense of calm about it all. It also strengthened me in times of stress and re awakened my sense of self-belief. My husband and birthing partner also listened to the CDs, it made my experience one I shall look back on with awe and gratitude. Finally after 2 caesareans I had the birth I always wanted."

"I went into labour nearly 4 weeks early"

Kim Moment
Successful VBAC in hospital
Listened to the VBAC set 16-20 times

"I started listening to the CD around 32 weeks at night in bed. It was wonderful. I always fell asleep before the end and woke up relaxed and calm. Even my husband benefited from it.

I went into labour nearly 4 weeks early. I was very calm going about my business having afternoon tea with friends who happen to be doctors. I finally decided to go to the hospital at 5pm to be checked and I was already 4 cm!. Over the next hour the contractions got stronger so I had a bath which was lovely.

By 9.30pm I was at the stage when I thought I might need additional pain relief, but I was then fully dilated and ready to push. I was so focused and relaxed that the midwives asked if I had done Yoga. Pushing was easy until the last bit when my husband passed out and split his lip needing A&E attention! I felt great afterwards and very happy to have done it on my own,

All in all great experience - was ready to do it again within minutes."

"ll the midwives I have seen remarked on what a great birth I had, especially being a VBAC"

Zoë Newman.
Conquest hospital
Listened to the VBAC CD many times

"Once I knew I was in labour I felt really calm and focused on breathing. I really believed the CD helped me as I could visualize the baby's head descending and stretching my perineum. It was all very calm and as a result I had no cuts or tears. Within 2 hours of the birth I felt great, it was so much easier than a C/section. All the midwives I have seen remarked on what a great birth I had, especially being a VBAC. Within 2 hours of the birth I felt great having showered and dressed. It was so much easier than a c/s. Thanks for the CD, it may not have eliminated all the pain, but I am sure it made a calmer easier birth."

"I have never been very good at relaxing, but it taught me how to release all the tension from my body"

Jenny Gillman
Royal Surrey hospital
Listened to Birth preparation CD 21-30 times

"Listening to the CD I was no longer in fear of going into labour. I have never been very good at relaxing, but it taught me how to release all the tension from my body. I felt confident that I could deal with the pain and was able to calm myself during contractions and use the techniques on the CD to control the pain during the first 14 hours. I did this by focusing on my breathing, by relaxing my body as much as I could and by imagining my wonderful beach and laying in the sun. I feel very proud of how I coped during the labour and I know this was due to the CD".

I am writing this because I want to encourage every mother to have natural births, working with their body and so having a positive birth experience. The CDs helped me so much, especially to have faith in my own body and my ability to give birth vaginally.

I started labour slowly having light contractions 5 mins apart. Because of my history, I was admitted to hospital. I continued to have contractions through to the next day, at which point I was told that if things did not get going I would have to have another C section. They broke my waters that evening. I imagined my body opening and stayed calm. I began to dilate more and more and the contractions became stronger. I listened to the birth music and reminded myself regularly that my body was designed to do this with ease. 2 hours later I asked for gas and air.

The consultant insisted that I have IV access in my hand in case I had to be rushed down for a section, irritated me all through the labour. I argued but had no choice. At 2 am I was almost ready to push. My midwife asked me to lie down and then pushed back the last bit of the cervix with her fingers. At this point I started to push. I wanted to get up but could not. It was hard work and the consultant was at the end of my bed saying " cut her", but my midwife said "no, she can do it!. I kept going and used my own hand to ease my perineum. He flew out suddenly at 3:28am. I was so happy, I had no stitches and although sore and grazed would do it all again. My notes confirmed how calm I was throughout and 3 separate midwives asked it they could photocopy the natal hypnotherapy notes I had! - I think you are doing a great job.

Thank you."

"The first CD really helped me overcome a traumatic first C-section"

Sandra Jenks
Royal Sussex County Hospital Brighton
Listened to the VBAC CDs 16-20 times

"The first CD really helped me overcome a traumatic first C-section and so the best thing for me was the fact that during the labour, I didn't once think about my previous c-section - not at all! The labour was long, hard and at times painful, but there was no sense of panic at any stage. The midwives were impressed with my coping so well. My husband didn't want to be present so my best friend came. She had read the Natal hypnotherapy literature and we soon had our own rhythm and routine going. She says it's the best thing she's ever done. The comfort dial, breathing, and seeing each contraction as taking me one step closer to meeting my baby really helped. The best thing is having a wonderfully calm baby - I'm convinced this is due to the relaxation I experienced with the CDs in the latter weeks of pregnancy! As a result he made a calm, quiet entry into the world with no screaming or panic, in this own time on the day he was due. I can't wait to do it again!"