The IVF Companion

The IVF Companion

The IVF Companion

Read how the IVF Companion CD/MP3 has helped women.

I had some practical tools to get me through

"After trying for a family for three years, we were advised by our specialist to try IVF treatment. I felt very daunted and overwhelmed by the whole process and what it would entail. When I was looking to see what complimentary techniques and therapies I could try to support the medical process, I came across Maggie's IVF CD. I was slightly sceptical at first, but now honestly believe that my calm approach throughout the IVF treatment was largely down to the techniques and suggestions I picked up through listening to the two different tracks. I felt a sense of calm throughout, and at times when things did seem stressful, I had some practical tools to get me through and focus on the task in hand.

We were fortunate enough that the IVF treatment worked on our first attempt, and I have purchased the full pregnancy and labour package to help with the delivery of our baby, which so far is working well to keep me calm and relaxed throughout my pregnancy. Thank you Maggie, and best wishes to all those women on their fertility journey." Emma J

They were a huge help in relaxing me and making me feel more in control during the process

"As a 46 year old trying to get pregnant for the first time, I was keen to use alternative therapies that might increase me chances of success at IVF. Being in the right frame of mind seemed important to me, and Natal Hypnotherapy really helped me achieve a measure of relaxation, calm and sense of control. I really appreciated being able to use them anytime and anyplace. They were a huge help in relaxing me and making me feel more in control during the process. I also used acupuncture which I felt was helpful. I became pregnant at the third attempt and have now given birth to a lovely little girl named Rebecca." - Karen Logan

The CD took away any fears that I had that I was in complete control of taking injections

"We had been trying to conceive for four years and had unexplained infertility. We decided to start IVF at the start of this year and were successful at first attempt and are now expecting twins around the start of December. I think the CD helped me to relax and get my body ready for it subconsciously. The best thing about the CD were the "tools" that I could use whilst I was getting any invasive examinations or difficult blood tests - i.e. being able to control any pain I felt. Also, I was very scared about self-injections and the CD took away any fears that I had that I was in complete control of taking injections." Patricia M

The CDs have been life savers for me

"I took over 7 years with lots of IUI treatments and amazingly 1 attempt at IVF to have our beautiful daughter Willow Star. It was a very very distressing journey and we have shed many tears, we almost gave up so many times but thankfully all our pain and hard work was rewarded in the end!! The CDs really helped me to focus on my treatment, to remain calm and positive and to be confident. I lost a lot of confidence in myself over the years of trying to conceive, each failed month made me feel increasingly inadequate. This made me more anxious and therefore of course conception would be even harder, so the relaxation that the CDs induced was very welcome!! The CDs to accompany treatment helped me to relax and switch off as that was hard to do during such a stressful time! I was able to give my mind body and soul a bit of chilling and relaxing time!

Once I did get pregnant, I was in complete shock for about 4 months! This was an unexpected reaction and I again became anxious but the pregnancy and birth CDs really helped again! I listened to them EVERY night, without fail, and also for a long time after Willow was born. The CDs have been life savers for me!" Lisa Slocombe

I truely owe the twin conception to your CD

"We previously had undergone IVF and was lucky enough to conceive our son on the second cycle. After him we went on to have another 7 cycles after which I did get pregnant only to loose the baby at 10 weeks. We tried again a couple of times without success. It got to the point when I had to decided if we would continue with IVF or to just be happy with our son and know that I would not be able to give him a sibling. We decide to have one last go, this cycle was to be our 10th and final chance at giving our son a sibling, so I searched the internet for anything that may help.

I came across a lady that sells your CDs in Australia and bought the IVF companion as I was going to give it my best shot. I listened to the CD on the first day of starting the pill and until the day of my pregnancy blood test. The embryos were put back in on October 31 and my pregnancy test was due on Friday 13th November. We were lucky enough for the cycle to be a success and found out we were pregnant, but we were even more surprised when at the 7 week scan we saw two heartbeats. I had a Caesarean on 30th June and gave birth to a girl and boy. We are so blessed to have 3 children, and I truely owe the twin conception to your CD and believing in myself and my body, we are truely blessed. I belong to an IVF forum in Australia and I only ever recommend your CD to the girls who ask. Thankyou once again" Jacquelyn Victoria - Australia

It helped focus on staying relaxed, and reminding you that life was good whatever the outcome

"We had a natural pregnancy then a miscarriage 10 years ago. After lots of trying and tests, acupuncture etc, we'd come to terms with not having children. Then I got pregnant last year. I miscarried. The distress led us to look at IVF. We are healthy, fit and positive. The first cycle resulted in no eggs fertilising. Before the second cycle, our counsellor suggested your IVF CD as an additional support. It helped focus on staying relaxed, and reminding you that life was good whatever the outcome. I also had acupuncture and we did ICSI. I am now 7 months pregnant at the age of 41. I still use the CD when I want a more baby-focused meditation."
Susie D

The CD really really did help to keep me calm

"I used the CD during my first cycle, which resulted in my son. I didn't use it for the 2nd cycle and did not get pregnant but I used it again for my 3rd cycle and now I am 12 weeks pregnant! Although I didn't feel stressed during the first cycle I was more excitedly anxious so the CD really helped to keep me calm. We changed clinics for the 3rd cycle and they have a very different cycle regime to most clinics, which was very intense and quite stressful. The CD really really did help to keep me calm and on days when I was feeling particularly stressed out the it just completely leveled me out. I have recommended the CD to friends as sadly IVF treatment seems to be needed for more and more people. I also recommend it to clients as I am a reflexologist specializing in fertility & pregnancy." Tricia Wilks

Spending this time made me concentrate on myself and clear my mind for the up coming treatment.

"I was trying for 2 years to get pregnant and was extremely depressed and stressed about my whole lack of conception. At my first IVF treatment I did not try any hypnotherapy, this treatment failed and I took it very badly. On the second treatment I decided to give it 150% and along with healthy diet, no drinking, yoga, herbs I also used the hypnotherapy CD's. I was a lot more positive about the 2nd IVF treatment and felt so sure it was going to work.

I downloaded the CD onto my iPod and would make myself take the time lie down to listen to the track. Also helped me sleep so often on an afternoon I would put my iPod on and then have a sleep. spending this time made me concentrate on myself and clear my mind for the up coming treatment. I also went to a hypnotherapist however it is very expensive whereas the CD's are one (small) cost and you can listen to them everyday.

IT WORKED!!! and I now have a gorgeous 11 week old tucked up in her bed fast asleep as we speak. She is divine. I am convinced that the positive attitude to my 2nd treatment and the relaxing exercises and time I took to clear my mind and get my mind on my side contributed to the very positive outcome" Charlotte Hobson

The CD has also helped to put me into a positive frame of mind and to look forward to the treatment

"The reason I chose the CD was to help me prepare for my eggs being collected and then my fertilized embryos being put back in. I believe the CD will help me to relax when this occurs. The CD has also helped to put me into a positive frame of mind and help me to look forward to the treatment whatever the out come maybe. I have had some very personal issues that I will never be completely sure if they will affect my emotional state when having my treatment but I do believe that the CD has helped me to look into these issues and work on them. I will definitely continue to use the CD now and after my embryo transfer to help me to relax and hopefully this may help with my embryos implanting." - Trudy

I found the procedures much less worrying and felt so relaxed during the two week wait which flew past quickly.

"My husband and I have been trying to have children for 10 years. At first we just let nature take it's course as I had just come off the pill we where told it can take a few years to fall. Time passed and when I reached 30 we decided to investigate why it hadn't happened, I'd had very bad menstrual pain for a few years and after requesting a referral for investigation I was diagnosed with endometriosis. I had this treated but I was told although it was not impossible for me to get pregnant naturally it was unlikely. So we where referred to Bourne hall clinic for IVF treatment.

By this time I was 33 and felt time was slipping away, we had our first round of IVF treatment which over all went well I produce plenty of eggs and ended up with 8 embryos, 2 where implanted. I found the 2 week wait very stressful, when test day came I was told I had a weak pregnancy hormone present and needed to test again a week later. When I was tested again the pregnancy hormone had gone and the embryos had not taken. We where so disappointed but thought well it's only our first try and we still had the frozen embryos to try. After 2 frozen embryo cycles both with negative results I felt I need to do more to help ease the stress of the emotional roller coast our lives had become.

We decided to go for IVF again so after a bit of research, I bought the IVF hypnotherapy CD after listening to it a few times I instantly felt much more relaxed and positive about the treatment. I found the procedures much less worrying and felt so relaxed during the two week wait which flew past quickly. When test day came I did a home test and nearly fell over when I saw the positive result!!

We were over the moon! I had my 7 week scan and we then discovered I both embryos had implanted and had little hearts fluttering away! I'm now 35 and 9 weeks pregnant and still have to pinch myself to make sure I'm not dreaming! Thank you Natal hypnotherapy!!!" Sarah Dalton

I was so convinced now that this was it and I was going to get pregnant

"I had had a long history of problems conceiving and carrying a child. I was depressed and beginning to think I would never get pregnant again. So I thought I would search the internet for anything that may help me and thought the first thing I needed to do was to get myself in the right frame of mind...I'm a BIG believer in the Mind over Body thing and I came across your website and thought that it would be perfect.

So I ordered and anxiously waited for it to the meantime we had just started on the medication to get the IVF half way through and they had to cancel the cycle on me as I hadn't produced enough follicles. So back to square one...I was utterly devastated. Then my CD's arrived and I got stuck into them and believed they were going to make all the difference...started a new IVF cycle and listened to the 1st CD religiously....even though I ended up falling asleep listening to them as they were so relaxing. Again my diagnosis was poor but I was so convinced now that this was it and I was going to get pregnant that I pushed to go ahead even though I was advised against it. I went in for the retrieval and even though it had shown I only had 2 follicles - somehow they managed to find 5 eggs. I was so overjoyed I can't event to begin to say how I felt - the next day we got the call to say that all 5 had fertilized and would be going back in the morning to have 1 embryo put back in. I listened to the CD again the night before just to help me relax and then had the 1 embryo put back in and then religiously listened to the next CD thinking all along that our "Snugglepot" was snuggling in to my lining etc. 14 days later it was confirmed I was indeed pregnant and our gorgeous daughter Alysse was born 1 day short of the 2nd Anniversary of her brother's passing at 32 + 4 weeks via scheduled C-section.

I truly believe that these CD's helped to get me in the right frame of mind (and out of grieving) to be able to visualise and welcome a new little soul into our lives. And what a joy she is....Thank You!!"
Kirstie M