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Turn your baby - Incredibly relaxing and soothing

"Incredibly relaxing and soothing, really helps to unwind from the day and always resulted in a great night's sleep if listened to it before bed." Meg R

Turn your baby - Diagnose Breach but by 31 weeks baby was head down

Reviewers comments:-

100% of listeners said it helped them feel more relaxed
50% of babies turned after 5 or more listens.

"My baby has been transverse/breech throughout, confirmed with a scan at 28 weeks which showed frank breech. I listened to the track as I fell asleep for several evenings (rarely making it to the end before falling asleep)
By 31 weeks baby was head down. I have had 2 drug/intervention free births already and know full well the power of mind over matter, how visualisations and attempts to relax as much as possible make for faster/more efficient labours, working with your body rather than against it (both of mine were under an hour). ." Helen Charnley

Turn your baby - What the doctors say about turning a breach baby

"The track is very relaxing. The background music is very calming and the voiceover is timed well with the track. It does not distract you and encourages relaxation. I have to admit I listened to it at the end of a day and am not sure I was ever awake at the end of the track. I certainly slept well afterwards. I liked the fact that to start the track you are encouraged to focus on hands and feet and positioning. I seemed to immediately relax when talking about feeling the weight of your hands, feet and head. I don't relax very easy! I have a hectic job and my mind is often in 100's of places at the end of the day and this forced me to focus my mind and get myself into the right place to listen to the rest of the track. It gave me something to do, which then led me in to relaxation. I liked the imagery within the track too. Nothing too crazy! " Amy Norrington - A sceptical doctor

Turn your baby - Support during ECV

"I was calm relaxed and although I didn't get the birth u wanted I felt the tracks helped me while trying to turn the baby in the fact I was relaxed while they performed a quiet painful procedure and I accepted although it wasn't the natural birth I had planned it was what was best for me and baby" Hayley Sanderson

Turn your baby - It brings control back to me

Using this track has been a positive, empowering way of preparing for birth. It brings control back to me and lets me understand that I can deal with what my body does and embrace the sensations as part of mothers natures gift to me. In terms of turning baby, it relaxed me into knowing that my body would do what was necessary and baby and I would work as a team through it all." Jemma S

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