Reviews for Prepare for a Caesarean

Prepare for a Caesarean

Read how the Prepare for a Caesarean CD/MP3 has helped women.

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Helped me remain calm

"I religiously listened to his cd in the run up to an elective section as knew I could not have a natural birth. At first, I was doubtful it would make an impact and I had anxiety over the birth. But I stuck to listening to each day and low and behold, I was able to use the techniques from the cd and concentrate on my breathing whilst also remaining calm through the whole experience. My partner and I were both amazed how great an impact it had on me." Anna

Placenta previa

"Even though I had really not wanted a c-section (I had placenta previa) the CD really helped me come to terms with it. It not only helped me relax and get used to the idea but I also realised that i was still 'giving birth' to my son in the safest way for both of us."
Cheryl, London

Breech baby

"A Caesarean was the worst case scenario for me, but since my baby was breech and the level of amniotic fluid was too low for him to turn, there was no other option. The CD (which I ordered the moment it was clear that I wouldn't have a normal birth) helped me very much. I don't know how I would have done without this CD!

I was very surprised, how relaxed I was before the operation and I was a lot calmer that expected. Everything went fine and I now have a healthy baby boy - the cutest in the whole world (for sure!). Thanks a lot again!'."