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My midwife was amazed how calm I was without pain relief

"My midwife was amazed how calm I was without pain relief. One of the doctors was sure I had an epidural based on my calm demeanour."
Ann McNeeney

Effective Birth Preparation

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Without natal hypnotherapy i couldnt have coped

I had to be induced as my waters broke but my body was not contracting strongly and there was a risk of infection to me and my baby. I was 5 days overdue. It was not the best start as I had my hopes on a natural water birth in the midwife led unit, but as I was induced it meant I stayed on triage until I was in strong labour and then taken to the delivery suite. I was induced using the gel and not the drip thank goodness and after 3 and half hours I was in established labour.

When the contractions were strong and fast, I used what I had learnt from natal hypnotherapy to focus on my breathing to get through each one, this meant that I was more relaxed and focused and I didn't feel the need for any pain relief. I was sent onto the delivery suite when I was 8cm dilated and was put on a bed to push, which I really didn't like but I was at the point that my body was telling me to get my baby out, which I did eventually. My birth partner and midwife helped me to focus and dig deep to find the strength to do it, only at this point did I have any gas and air.

When I was self-doubting my birth partner repeated the affirmations to me that we agreed on and that I could do it because my body was designed to do it. This did work as I found the strength from somewhere to push harder but the contractions seemed to be dropping off and my baby's heart rate was dropping, at which point I agreed to be cut to get him out. However, my midwife did this in such a way that I didn't feel anything as she did it when I was giving a big push and so I only felt my own pain, once this was done he was immediately out....I was in utter shock, I couldn't believe I had done it, especially under the conditions that I really didn't want.

I think without the natal hypnotherapy I don't think I would have been able to get through it. It really helped my mind to focus on my body and manage the pain.

Victoria Whitehouse

A far cry from my last birth

Having had a very medicalised traumatic forceps delivery with unsuccessful epidural with my first child I was keen to explore all my options an utilise all methods available to avoid intervention and achieve a calm natural home birth with my second baby. Natal Hypnotherapy was the best investment I could have ever made and when I embarked on my hypnobirthing journey (with the wonderful Instructor Katy Coles-White) I was unaware f exactly how empowering and life changing it was going to be.

Suffering from post traumatic stress from my first delivery, the relaxation tapes and techniques helped me to overcome my anxieties and fears antenatally surrounding my previous experiences and my hopes for this pregnancy and delivery. I was able to confidently choose and book for home delivery and write out a birth plan empowering both me and my husband requesting minimal intervention during the birthing process. My husband was fantastic birth support and with me every single contraction keeping me calm and focused!

A far cry from the panicky unprepared mess he'll admit to being for the first birth. The midwives were fantastic and respected all my wishes and facilitated the quiet, dark all environment I'd requested in my birth plan. I laboured through the night quietly whilst my toddler slept upstairs, called for a midwife once I was ready to use the birthing pool at 8 cm. I delivered my beautiful 8lb 8oz son in the birthing pool at home and have only positive memories from this beautiful life changing day. The techniques used in hypnobirthing to stay calm and in control will stay with me forever and still help me even now when stressful situations arise. I've even used them on my toddler to calm a tantrum! Natal Hypnotherapy really is the gift that keeps on giving!

Confident and in control during the birth

"When I first went to do a tour of the labour ward I felt very negative about it. But after listening to the CD I felt more positive. I had to have an ECV done and felt calm when I was in the ward. My contractions started a 5 am. I had a bath and listened to the CD again. We went into hospital around 10.30 am. The midwife examined me and I was 9 cm dilated! I had wanted a water birth but the midwife said it wouldn't be full in time.

The second stage only lasted 20 minutes, and 4 pushes and he was out! Luke was born at 12.40. Throughout the experience the midwife kept commenting on how calm and relaxed I was. She said I could come again and she wished all women were so relaxed. The CD definitely helped me 100% to have a better attitude towards the hospital and to feel relaxed, confident and in control during the birth. Thank you so much for helping me to have a positive birth experience"
Nikki Harris

Breech birth

Home breech birth

I believe the tools with which Natal Hypnotherapy equipped me allowed us to have the home birth we desired. I wanted to write to you to directly to thank you as I will always be grateful for the incredible benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy.

There was a slight nuisance to my daughter's birth which I thought it may be worth explaining briefly - my daughter was a breech presentation. Breech was not diagnosed until 40 weeks + 2. I had planned a home birth and therefore this potentially jeopardised this. However, after a failed ECV I spent time researching the area of breech presentation, having been told by the NHS that the only option was a C section.

I came across Ruth Atkinson from a google search (and Sandra separately also recommended I speak to Ruth). Ruth had given birth to a breech baby vaginally and she kindly took the time to speak to me and discuss her experience. Ruth put me in contact with Maya midwives who I subsequently engaged to assist with the birth.

Firstly, I believe I would not have had the confidence to commit to a vaginal breech birth if it wasn't for the skills with which natal hypo equipped me. I truly believe my body knew how to give birth and trusted my instincts. Second, I was able to relax with the benefit of the CDs during the stressful period from the breech diagnosis which I believe allowed me to go into spontaneous labour (at 42 weeks). Third, I was able to have a beautiful home birth with no pain relief, other than a TENs machine and massage. It was an incredible experience."

I had the best birth experience...I kept control during the birth

"I had the best birth experience. I was the one who kept control and made decisions during the birth I was able to use the breathing techniques during the birth when I needed it the most. Everything developed so quickly and I was so calm. Again the CDs help immensely during the pregnancy in terms of getting proper sleep and loosing anxiety that I had. I wish everyone a same experience"
Osen Atternik

I was extremely calm throughout the induction

"At 38 weeks I was diagnosed with Choloystasis and had to be induced. I was extremely calm throughout the induction and went for a walk - had some pain but did not really dwell on it. My husband did not think anything was happening so went to have dinner in the canteen. When he came back my waters had already broken and I was sitting on the edge of the bed ready to go to the delivery suite. It was very quick.

While I was waiting for the birthing pool I dealt with the pain by concentrating on my breathing and by visualising nice places. After being in the pool I was soon fully dilated and my son was soon born. I only had 2 puffs of gas and air as I did not really want it. I cant say it did not hurt, but I managed my pain. I found this birth much easier than my first birth and my son is extremely happy and peaceful - he rarely cries and is a delight!"
Lynn Kydd

The CD gave me confidence and helped me look forward to the birth rather than dread it

"I found the CD a great help both during my pregnancy and through the birth. It particularly helped when I had panicky moments near the end of my pregnancy. The CD gave me confidence and helped me look forward to the birth rather than dread it."
Trinuu Holman

The midwives could not believe how calm I was

"I must be honest, when I first listened to the CD I thought it would do nothing, but something just kicked in once I was in labour. The midwives could not believe how calm I was and in tune with my body. I was so pleased I did not need any more pain relief as normally I take something with the first sign of pain."
Emma Fern

I had an extremely pleasant birth experience - nothing like I was told to expect

"Thank you for your wonderful CD! They were threatening induction in the morning so I spent the night visualising my cervix opening and by morning I was 2 cm.I pushed like mad and he came out in one go after 12 minutes of pushing. I had an extremely pleasant birth experience - nothing like I was told to expect. I would do it all again tomorrow."
Sarah Coulson