Reviews for Fast Post Natal Recovery

Fast Post Natal Recovery

Read how Fast Post Natal Recovery CD/MP3 has helped women.

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It was just what I needed

"This was the fourth Natal Hypnotherapy CD I have used from their range and I found it amazing helpful. As this was my third pregnancy I wasn't so concerned about the birth but was worried about how I would cope afterwards with three children especially as I had suffered with depression after previous births. I listened to the CD daily for the first two months which not only enabled me to have a proper rest but also gave me loads of encouragement. It was just what I needed and I can't believe the difference between how I feel now with a four month old baby and how I felt at this stage with my previous children. I have been able to stay very calm and relaxed during the first few months after birth and as a result have a very calm and relaxed family."
Annonymous Mother

Great for relaxing and staying calm!

"This whole series of CD's is what got my wife through her pregnancy and is still being a great aid to relaxation now. The post natal CD is just as effective as the two we previously used for the pregnancy and birth. Our baby girl has also benefited from them as she uses them as her CD to go to sleep to, she relaxes quickly when listening to the CD and settles to sleep within minutes, we think this is because she heard the other CD's played regularly through the womb. The visualization techniques in the birth CD were really helpful during labour, the pushing stage was only 8 minutes partly we think due to this CD and the use of raspberry leaf tea after 37 weeks and a tens machine and a bouncy ball. Labour from start to finish just over 6 hours! The midwives were very impressed with the quick delivery and the way my wife was so calm and relaxed.We would definitely recommend this CD and the two previous ones to everyone who has an open mind and a willingness to try as it is certainly helped both of us. I listened to it too! Great for relaxing and staying calm!."
Annonymous father

No more postnatal depression

"I had to write and let you know what an amazing impact the postnatal track has had on me. This was my third child and with the other two I suffered terribly from post natal depression - each time it went on for well over a year. I had planned not to have any more kids as the depression had been so bad. I then got pregnant by accident with Chloe - I was petrified that I would have to go through the PND again.

I then heard about your hypnobirthing range and decided to give them a go (the other 2 births had been pretty awful as well so I wanted anything that would help). I listened to the tracks as much as I could and went on to have a really positive birth - so different from the others. However, for me, the main effect as been post natally. I started listening to the postnatal track as soon as I could on the post natal ward - the others thought I was a bit weird! Amazingly, I felt really great after the birth and bonded straight away with Chloe. I had not even thought I would breast feed, but something in me felt like giving it a go (I am still breast-feeding now - 3 months on). I carried on listening to the track when I got home, whenever I had a chance, and even though I still got really tired, none of the depression came back. Thank you so much - words can not express how wonderful it is to feel normal and to even enjoy those first few weeks with my daughter. " Camila

So much calmer this time round

"The postnatal recovery track was a tremendous help after James was born. I am so much calmer this time round and have actually found breastfeeding enjoyable! Because I am so much calmer, he is really chilled out to. Many thanks and make sure everyone hears about these tracks!" Jay

This helped keep me sane!

"After the delivery I listened to the postnatal recovery track - fantastic. My feet have not touched the ground since she was born and I am sure my sanity is down to the hypnosis. It helped me with relaxation, breast feeding and being able to juggle a new born and 2 small children, running a house and being a wife." Natasha