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The birth of my baby boy was a great moment and will remain an amazing memory!

I started having contractions at 5pm on Sunday 13th. I told my boyfriend I thought it was a labour contraction and waited for the next one which came about a few minutes later. From the, we tried to calculate how often they happened and if they were truly frequent. Since, the pain was already quite strong, I went to my bedroom, put my preparation for birth CD on and lay down on the side repeating to myself to remain calm and relax and to welcome the sensations as they were a sign that my body was getting ready for the birth. We realised I had a contraction every 7 minutes, at first. I was quite surprised as I had in mind I would have longer resting time between each one. After about one hour, they were coming back every 4 minutes and were getting stronger. I started listening to the labour companion CD. I was still pretty calm even though the pain was getting more intense but I remember feeling really excited between each contraction. My boyfriend was supposed to work that night so he called work to let them know he would not be there. After 2 and a half hours, the contractions were coming back every 2 minutes so we decided to leave for the hospital. I found it quite hard to remain focused during the journey. It took us 20 minutes to get there and I was pretty relieved to arrive. Two more contractions until we reach the maternity ward. It was 9pm when the midwife checked my cervix. I was so happy when she said it was 5.5 to 6 cm wide since I was thinking I would not have been able to endure the same pain for many more hours! I told her I didn't want an epidural and I wanted to go to the "Salle Nature". My mistake was not to tell her about my preparation and that she should address my boyfriend instead of me but in my mind, I had not expected the contractions to be so close and I had imagined I would have more time to exchange with the staff before I really tried to get into a hypnotic state. Consequently, I can't say I was able to use the visualisations and I don't think I was as calm as some mothers can be but I was definitely able to repeat to myself that I had to let my body work for the best and that I didn't want an epidural that would block the natural hormones and make labour last longer. The midwife took my blood and left. I was a bit cold and the pain was making my body shake. I had a bath which was too hot. My boyfriend went to get a coffee and I didn't really like to be left alone in the room because it made me feel that it would last for hours... He came back and I couldn't stand his hand on my back or even to see him look at me. Poor Will! He had to hide behind the birth chair. I had two monitors which I really hated. As I was twisting during the contractions, the part that was measuring the baby's heart was moving too and the student midwife had to back several times to put it back in place. I couldn't move freely and that annoyed me a bit. When, the midwife said she would do a second one (it was about 10.45pm) I asked if it was necessary and she said "yes" so I endured it again. At that point, I had almost no rest between contractions. I was moaning pretty loudly and twisting my body a lot. As they couldn't control the baby's heart because the part on my belly kept falling, it lasted for 45 minutes. I thought I would go mad but then, the midwife came back and checked my cervix. She said it was 9cm wide and that if I felt the urge to push I could! I was so happy to hear that! I then knew that it would soon be over and I felt so strong that I had managed labour without asking for an epidural. I remember thinking I would not be able to get on much longer with the same sensations but I remembered reading about the self-doubt phase and told myself that it probably meant that it would soon be time to push and that I was about to meet my baby. And I was right! Even though it took me about 45 minutes to let my baby out, it didn't feel that long and what I enjoyed the most was the fact that my boyfriend was right behind me as I was squatting in front of the bed and he was lifting me up with his arms under mine as I was pushing the baby down. I was eventually sitting on his laps when Yhoni came out. Just amazing! It would not have been possible if I had had an epidural which might have been the case if labour had lasted longer. Now I am convinced that if things went that fast, it is thanks to Maggie's great advice which I heard on the CD and read in the book. It was very important to me to understand how the body works when it comes to giving birth and the role of hormones and to learn what hypnosis really is. I listened to the birth preparation CD so many times that the suggestions and phrases definitely triggered positive responses in my body. I have told all my friends about the Natal Hypnotherapy programme and I really hope some of them will use it!

Here is a photo of my baby boy...