Are you a 1st time mum?
I remember being pregnant for the 1st time and finding it really daunting. There was so much going on and everything seemed to be changing. My hormones were all over the place, my body took on a whole new shape, I heard so many negative stories and I had no idea how I would cope during labour.

What I found so helpful was to read positive stories from other women as that gave me hope that I could have a similar experience.

So if you can relate to those feelings, then scroll down to read what others mums have done to prepare. By reading their inspiring stories, it will give you more confidence that you can do it too!

Had a previous birth? Want to have a better experience?
Every birth is unique. Whatever your past experiences were, the next birth will be different and unique. Below are hypnobirthing reviews and their positive birth stories, from women who have had hospital births, home births, VBAC births, caesarean births and even used our hypnobirthing for Twins, for both caesarian twins and vaginal twins!

Feeling yuk - Morning sickness getting you down?
Read the reviews by women who have benefitted from our tracks to help overcome morning sickness including those who suffered from Hyperemesis gravidarum

Had you baby and feel drained? Need a pick me up?
Hypnobirthing is not just for pregnancy and birth. the skills you learn can be applied to any challenging time in life. Read the reviews by women who used our hypnobirthing techniques for a better, faster, more reinvigorating postnatal recovery.

Not yet pregnant? Want to conceive? read how other women have found hypnotherapy helpful<</strong>>!!

You can even read reviews from women who have succeeded in conceiving or with IVF. Find out how to increase your chances of a successful conception.

So have a read of the reviews, watch some of the inspiring hypnobirthing birth videos, or listen to video testimonials of our hypnobirthing mums. Then head over to our learning centre on the top menu under 'Learn' and discover for yourself how to prepare effectively for a better birth.