Make use of your senses to prepare for birth

How to use all your senses to have a really relaxed labour and birth?

Familiar smells take you back

When I got out of the shower this morning and put a newly washed towel to my face, the smell of the towel suddenly took me back to my grandmother's bathroom. Bizzarely, I have not thought about her bathroom for years! As I stood there remenisicng for a few moments, it reminded me of just how powerful our sense of smell is as a trigger for memories and emotions.

So when preparing for birth you can actively start to create these triggers by using all your senses in the lead up to the birth which will give you a heard start to staying calm relaxed and focused.

1. Smell

Start burning oils like lavender or rose when you are relaxing in the later stages of pregnancy. This works especially well when listening to your hypnosis recordings.

By doing this at least 7 times in the weeks leading up to the birth, your mind will automatically make the association of the smell and your physiological and mental state of relaxation.

In addition familiar smells increase the production of the fabulous birthing hormone Oxytocin.

2. Sound

I once supported a lady in labour whose hobby was glass ringing (when you run your finger around a glass and it makes a humming sound). She found the sound incredibly soothing and relaxing in general life.

When in labour her husband just had to run his finger around the glass once and you could visibly see her body completely relax - no one said anything or even touched her - just the sound sent her into deep relaxation.

So find some music that you really enjoy that relaxes you and again play that during your pregnancy when you are actively relaxing. If you are using Natal Hypnotherapy then make sure you have the Labour Companion track which includes the Relaxing Birth Music (the background music) to play during the birth.

3. Touch

So many of us instantly relax when we feel someone’s hands begin to massage our shoulder or when we have a bear hug with a loved one (we would all love more of those at the moment).

Touch can feel so safe and reassuring.

So to use the power of touch to help you create a trigger for relaxation, ask your partner to place their hand on your shoulder when you are relaxing in the bath or at times when you are listening to your MP3. Really focus on the feeling of their hand and imagine yourself become more and more relaxed.

The more you do this, the more you will associate that gentle touch with entering into a deeply relaxed state.

I teach more about the use of touch and triggering relaxation in the online hypnobirthing course.

4. Visual

Isn't it amazing how looking at an old photo of your wedding or a holiday can immediately bring about feelings and memories?

Again you can use this trigger by putting up photos around you of places and times that made you feel really happy and relaxed.

Keep these with you so you can use them as a visual trigger to help you relax and refocus.

You can even bring in objects like a babygrow as a reminder of what you are working towards.


This is not such an obvious one but you can still use this sense to help you stay calm and focused.

In the lead up to the birth, get into the routine of having a glass or mug of a favourite drink. As you take a few sips, close your eyes, breathe deeply and really enjoy the taste in your mouth. Relax your shoulders and being to imagine being somewhere really wonderful, really relaxing.

Then take another sip and make the feelings and images even brighter, even stronger.

Do this every time you are about practice your hypnosis. The taste will soon become another trigger for relaxation and calm.

Then during labour when you have a few sips of the same drink go through the same exercise and the relaxation and calm will automatically follow.