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A bit about Maggie Howell

A bit about Maggie Howell

My name is Maggie Howell and I am the founder and voice of Natal Hypnotherapy. I am so delighted that you have stopped by to read about how Natal Hypnotherapy can make a massive difference to your birth experience.

• Over 100,000 women have used Natal Hypnotherapy
• Over 75,000 people have watched my birth video
• I've personally trained over 1200 midwives on what hypnosis is and how they can best support women using it.
• Over 3000 midwives and birth professionals recoomend my work
• My professional training course is accredited by the top UK organisation for Midwives, the Royal College of Midwvies
• Several WORLD champions and gold medallists have chosen to prepare for birth with Natal Hypnotherapy
• We have more than 10 awards from leading organisations and publications .

So how did all this begin?

I started all of this in 2000 when I was pregnant with my first son. Back then there was nothing out there about hypnosis for birth and I only came across it as my husband had studied NLP and heard about the use of Hypnosis as a form of pain relief. I was very sceptical and thought it would be a load of hippy dippy nonsense. However I decided to give it a go and so went on a 2 day self hypnosis course. Luckily there were no beads, incense and whale music - just a bunch of professional people who all wanted to make things better for themselves. I have to admit that I was blown away by what we were able to do JUST by using our mind in a focused, positive way. Especially the pain management as I was able to anesthetise my own arm to allow a whopping big nappy pin to be pushed through the skin!

So armed with this amazing new understanding, I set off to really understand birth and how I could use my mind to help manage and work with the contractions. Pretty much everyone though I was nuts when I said I was going to have a home birth using hypnosis (and pretty shocked as I am so far from the earth mothery, alternativey type of person). However, I practiced the hypnosis by listening to a recording over and over again until I had retrained my mind to know exactly how to respond to each contraction, how to totally relax my body, how to use my mind to decrease any strong sensations and ultimately to feel confident, trusting and excited (yes excited!) about giving birth.

So the big question you may be wondering "was giving birth pain free?" For me no, but that was OKAY. That was never the goal - nothing worth having in life is pain free - however it was fear free and stress free. It was long and it was challenging, but it was also incredible, life changing, awesome (in the real sense) and completely and totally manageable. So that was how it all started.

After that I met so many women who had had such negative birth experiences. I was no different from them in physiologically, but where my experience differed was the ability to use my mind to overcome fear and to work with my body rather than to tense up and fight against it. So as someone once told me, if you have discovered something remarkable you have a duty to tell others. And that is what I have been doing for the last 15 years!