I am pregnant and scared about COVID 19

Pregnant and anxious - worrried - scared?

If you are pregnant is is only natural to feel scared with everything going on with COVID 19. Being anxious or worried is normal. It is indeed a very challenging time to be pregnant and be preparing for birth in the uncertainity and isolation caused by the Coronavius COVID 19 pandemic.

To help you cope with emotionally and mentally during this time, we have put together an amazing audio download and self care guide. The self care tool kit includes a relaxing 30 min audio track and a pdf with 40 top tips to help you through the pandemic and to thrive during lockdown.

Strategies to cope emotionally and mentally

Self Care Guide during Covid-19 to help you cope emotionally and mentally with the coronavirus crisis.

This Audio track (mp3) contains coping strategies to help you emotionally and mentally get through the coronavirus pandemic

A calming guided relaxation help you deal with the mental and emotional challenges of lockdown and the daily anxiety associated with the Covid 19 crisis

By listening to the track on a regular basis it will help you
• Cope with and reduce anxiety, depression and the frustration of lockdown
• reduce stress so making your immune system more effective
• by teaching you physical and emotional coping strategies
• be more in the moment and practice mindfulness
• reframe the situation so enabling you to feel more positive
• be attracted to the right kind of food and drink to keep your immune system strong.
• get better sleep

You can get your Self Care Guide during Covid-19 as an audio download and the 40 tips come as a PDF. The audio can be used by pregnant women and their partners and the self care guide has a version for partners and pregnant women.
Choose an mp3 file format if you wish to download to a PC, MAC, or Android device.
Choose the m4a file format if you wish to download to an iPhone or iPad

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Self care guide

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