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Windsor with Laura Tammaro

Windsor with Laura Tammaro


Why I became a practitioner

As a qualified NCT Antenatal Teacher talking to many new mothers I realized that many women find their experience of birth disappointing or downright traumatic.
What motivated me to become a Natal Hypnotherapist is that I feel passionate about empowering women to have the best possible birth for them and believe that by teaching Natal Hypnotherapy courses I can help them on the journey towards a positive birth experience.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

All women can have a positive birth experience, if they feel confident in their ability to give birth, safe and supported, and are able to 'switch off' the rational part of their mind.
Birth partners who understand about the birth process and the woman’s real needs play a crucial role in supporting the woman to labour undisturbed, which is essential to keep the important labour hormones flowing.
Hypnotherapy can help women and their partners achieve emotional and physical well-being before, during and after the birth, and make the transition to parenthood a joyous, unforgettable event.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

Even before I became pregnant, I knew I wanted to have a peaceful, gentle labour and give birth at home. But it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my first child that I found the tools I needed to make this possible. Leafing through some pregnancy magazines, I happened to read an article on hypnotherapy for childbirth and thought it made a lot of sense. I went on the course with my partner, practiced the relaxation techniques at home and waited for my labour to start. When the time came, my baby's birth was peaceful, intimate and beautiful. The images I had visualised so many times helped me let my mind drift away while my body was free to give birth - an amazing, empowering and intense experience, which might have been very different had I not used hypnotherapy. I then went on to have another three wonderful home births with Natal Hypnotherapy.

Feedback from my classes

"I had a much better birth experience this time compared to my first – I would even go so far as to say it couldn’t have been any better – and I think much of that was down to your course and listening to the CDs/reading the literature in the run up to the birth. Whereas last time I was in and out of hospital twice before I finally stayed in on the third attempt, this time I went in 9cm dilated and only then because we were a bit worried that we might get stuck in traffic if we left it any longer. The midwife could not believe I was so far dilated – by my demeanour she wasn’t even convinced I was in established labour. Quite different from last time I can assure you!" (Clare, 2-time mum)
"Just wanted to say a huge thanks to you for teaching us the ability to experience a joyous and calm labour. Rob and I have had a little girl, Isabella. We were in labour for 15 hours and managed to control the contractions on paracetemol, codeine and Natal Hypnotherapy. Seemingly we were the talk of the labour suite! I wasn't aware of what was going on outside the room as we'd created a peaceful sanctuary and I was concentrated on the job in hand as taught by you. We've recommended the hypnotherapy course to several friends and hope they benefit as we have. We're loving parenthood. Many thanks" (Jo Murray)
"Thanks for a very informative and successful course! It has completely changed my perception of what the birth process can be." (Katinka)
"Laura is fantastic, calming and a superb trainer! I will recommend the workshop to every pregnant woman. Fear or no fear of birth, everyone should do it!" (Sunita Shroff)
“I wanted to say a massive thank you for your help with the hypnotherapy. I ended up being induced, so could not go in the water, and each time I went on the ball or got off the bed they could not monitor the baby's heartbeat properly, so I had to stay on the bed attached to the drip - basically everything that people say makes labour harder. They were monitoring my contractions, and initially i didn't even feel anything, and as they got stronger I felt "sensations" not pain as such. At the peak of the contractions (they were off the scale on the chart) the consultant came in and thought I had had an epidural as I was just sitting calmly on the bed! Looking at my hospital notes, the active phase lasted 2 hours and 2nd phase lasted 2 hours so pretty quick for a first time, which again I'm sure the hypnotherapy played a part in. I am telling everyone about Natal Hypnotherapy, once again many thanks!” (F. K.)
"Laura was an excellent trainer taking us through the rationale behind hypnotherapy and a very calming influence during the relaxation exercises. Using the techniques we'd learned with Laura and practiced with the CDs, we were able to achieve a drug-free home birth - it really was the ideal birth that I'd visualised and hoped for. I even stated at the end that it "never got as hard as I expected" and I was smiling and relaxed in-between even the strongest contractions. It couldn't have been more different from my first birth, which I found quite traumatic. Laura worked with us to identify the issues of our first birth in a non-judgmental way, to ensure we were prepared for a calmer, more relaxed and controlled labour this time round. Thanks very much!!" (Aby Moore)

My related qualifications & Associations

I am an NCT-trained Antenatal Teacher.
I teach NSH Parentcraft classes.
I facilitate post-natal discussion courses for mothers with young babies

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