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Kensington with Jean Goodliffe

Kensington with Jean Goodliffe


Why I became a practitioner

As an antenatal teacher and doula I am always looking for ways to a) help women find a pathway to their inner strength for labour and b) help parents find their inner confidence for childbirth and parenting. When I came across Natal Hypnotherapy I found what I was looking for. Natal Hypnotherapy techniques are simple and easy to learn. The feedback from couples (from mums and their partners) who have used Natal Hypnotherapy has been quite mind blowing.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

As a mother myself, NCT teacher and birth doula I know that women have much better experiences of pregnancy and birth when they feel calm and safe. The Natal Hypnotherapy programme is the most effective approach that I know for achieving this. I want more women to feel good about their births and that is why I have become a practitioner.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

In my work as a pregnancy reflexologist, creative healer, NCT teacher and birth doula I often meet women who are just dreading the birth. They have so many fears and are so distressed that I feel extremely sad for them and concerned about the negative effect that this state of mind will have. For many years I have been encouraging them to follow the Natal Hypnotherapy programme and when they do they feel so much better and cope so much better. Even if the birth is not quite as planned they feel positive about the experience.
As an NCT Teacher I often attend postnatal reunions and hear many birth stories. When the birth has been a positive experience the woman will often say that she feels that it was her attitude that made the difference. She felt safe and relaxed and had confidence in her carers. If she had a drug free birth she achieved it because she was able to work with her body and surrender to the experience through deep relaxation, breathing and positive visualisation. If she needed medical assistance she was able to accept it calmly and confidently. This is the approach that women learn through the Natal Hypnotherapy programme.

Feedback from my classes

"This course should be on the NHS. All expectant parents can benefit."
"A must for all couples. A very bonding experience - empowering for both the mother and the father - better than any NCT or postnatal class I have ever attended. My little girl was born in 58 minutes! (from 3cm dilated to her being placed on my tummy). Her arrival was an amazing experience - I tell her she was born with love. I felt in control throughout the whole of my labour and much more knowledgeable about my body and what stage I was act. My little girl and I acted as a team - and it is something I will remember for the rest of my life.”
"As a worried expectant father, I learned so many ways to help my wife - as well as building my confidence to deal effectively with the medical team at the hospital”
"Fantastic course, so pleased we came, I would recommend it to everyone, it should be compulsory for all pregnant women, their partners and midwives. There was a wealth of information that was really useful especially the tools for birth. "
"It was very well structured and very informative to someone who was very sceptical at the beginning. The key parts for me were the breathing control and giving me the confidence to support my partner. The trainer was very good, very clear, was not judgmental and encouraged questions - the delivery of course was excellent."
"Thanks for a great 2 days. It was really useful for me to understand about the phases of birth and how to deal with the medical team and being given an important role in the whole process. I particularly enjoyed the hypnosis sessions and felt very comfortable asking any questions and talking about my fears"
"Understanding the physiology in plain English was great - it made me realize how natural it is and that relaxing is going to be far more beneficial than panicking"

My related qualifications & Associations

Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner Training
NCT Diploma in Antenatal Teaching
Paramana Doula Training with Dr Michel Odent
Reflexology ITEC + Maternity Reflexology Training with midwife Suzanne Enzer
Holistic Massage ITEC + Pregnancy Massage Training + Creative Healing Massage Training with Dr Gowri Motha
Alexander Technique STAT
Complementary Therapists Association
Doula UK

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