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Coventry with Caroline Graham

Coventry with Caroline Graham

Ref: PS0061XXXXX2

Why I became a practitioner

I have been teaching antenatal classes for the NCT since 2009, I love my job and I feel very privileged to be part of so many couples' journey to parenthood. I noticed that whenever a midwife or antenatal teacher I knew became pregnant they used Natal Hypnotherapy and so, when I was expecting my third child, I was excited to be able to try the techniques for myself.

I used Natal Hypnotherapy CD's and workshops and found the techniques to be completely effective for relaxation, aiding sleep and maintaining good health during pregnancy. It gave my husband some great ways to support me during pregnancy and birth. I found the labour and birth were calm and manageable and the postnatal period was peaceful. I then went on to have a fourth pregnancy and birth, which was a little more eventful, but the techniques that I had learnt through Natal Hypnotherapy were fantastic and helped me to relax though it all.

I decided to train as a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner to be able to share some of these benefits with the couples I work with, as I believe that they will be as effective for you too.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

Pregnancy is a time of joy, excitement and preparing for your growing family. Making time for relaxation and birth preparation will help mothers and fathers to feel confident and ready for when their baby arrives.

Women’s bodies know how to give birth instinctively, calmly and peacefully. They know what they and their babies need. Using hypnosis techniques, allows women to relax their mind and let their body do what it was designed to do, to birth and nourish their babies.

Feedback from my classes

"Caroline explained the techniques very clearly and has such a naturally calm approach that I couldn’t help but feel relaxed and positive. I’m so glad I attended and, even though I am having an elective caesarean, I can still use the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques to help me relax and feel more positive before the birth and remain calm during the birth." Ursula

"We wanted to let you know that Charles was born yesterday morning at 04.31 at Melton birth centre weighing 8lb 15.5oz. It all kicked off quite strongly and quickly in the end - contractions started at about four minutes apart and rapidly got closer together so not as much time for the project as we’d hoped! No dusting/cleaning etc for us before we headed off and it took about six hours in total, which was much quicker than we’d thought it would be. The hypnotherapy worked really well, I had to resort to a bit of gas and air at the end but the music and the pool got me most of the way there, thank you so much." Rich and Alex

"I’m really pleased we signed up for this and have spent time this pregnancy getting as psychologically prepared as we can, not just intellectually. I’ve discovered a position which I definitely want to use with my husband during labour and feel very secure about how we can work together to support me during it all." Natalie

"Very enjoyable, informative and relaxing." Alvin

"This is well worth doing and I’m looking forwards to practicing the techniques and tackling birth more confidently." Jane

"Very pleasant and clear tuition, very well presented." Jason

"I liked the practical demonstrations – it works!" Richard

"Watching Maggie give birth, made me realise I could do it too." Amanda

My related qualifications & Associations

2009 NCT License to Practice as an Antenatal Teacher
2009 Diploma in Antenatal Education University of Bedfordshire
2012 Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner License
2012 Awarded NCT Antenatal Teacher of the Year
2012 Awarded NCT West Midlands’s Parents’ Champion of the Year
2012 NCT License to Practice as and Birth and Beyond Practitioner

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