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Burford with Georgie Ruthven

Burford with Georgie Ruthven


Why I became a practitioner

I trained as a Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner in 2008, in order to help couples experience much better births and the far reaching benefits that follow.

Natal Hypnotherapy helps you prepare in a multitude of ways, removing anxiety and doubt; increasing the likelihood of a calmer and happier outcome.

I became a practitioner in order to help more couples enjoy this specific preparation; wishing I had had the same good fortune.

My births were good but there was even more I wish I’d known…eg. the critical moment of attachment straight after birth and the importance of skin to skin bonding.

Natal Hypnotherapy gives you comprehensive preparation and a feeling of being ‘one step ahead’, leaving you actually excited about the birth.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

Giving time and consideration to yourself and your growing baby helps create a calm and loving environment. This is the ideal for your baby.

My experiences of birth were positive and I know this was not just luck.

I believe pregnant women gain so much from attending Natal Hypnotherapy workshops, as once they understand what to expect from labour and how to prepare, they relax and enjoy their pregnancy much more.

Believing in your ability to give birth and understanding the ideal environment makes all the difference; along with a birth partner who is delighted to help and support you.

Natal Hypnotherapy is about ensuring the best birth possible for YOU.

Pregnancy and giving birth is one of the most incredible journeys a woman makes, so preparing and taking time to understand what to expect pays huge dividends; not only at the time but for years to come.

Women remember their births for the rest of their lives.

Michel Odent wrote, ‘The character of a nation is reflected in its’ delivery rooms’.

The goal is to ensure that such a sacred event is given the preparation, respect and love it deserves.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

The pregnant women I teach come to my workshops suspecting the scare stories are only half the picture and indeed they are absolutely right.

There are enormous numbers of women who experience wonderful births.

When we reach the end of a workshop, the women and their husbands are noticeably happier and more relaxed, thrilled that they now know what to expect and how to prepare.

Please read the testimonial section of my website for more first hand feedback. They make for heartwarming reading and inspire me that I could not be doing anything more valuable than this teaching.

As I said earlier, the benefits of a well supported birth a far reaching…

Feedback from my classes

"These invaluable and simple insights into birthing techniques enabled me to have a full night of sleep, with contractions; such was my feeling of joyous serenity at the prospect of labour ahead. Your tips gave me the confidence needed to allow body, nature and spirit to take their own course, without medical intervention. My daughter was born into an atmosphere of love and laughter, the very best start for all of us." Claudia Mallinson Herbalist and Mother

"I found the birth calm and organised, thanks to Rachel hearing of these tips. I'd definitely do it again!" Paul Ledger Fitness Instructor and father

"Your notes were brilliant. I was very anxious this time, having already had three beautiful healthy babes. I read your notes over and over to remind myself how to relax. It is funny how you tense up all those muscles without thinking. I was sitting on a birthing ball, really concentrating on having a soft face, relaxed jaw etc, trying to go with the pain instead of fighting it. Somehow the way you expressed yourself seemed to relate to me, whereas previous advice on breathing had gone over my head." Polly Coke Mother of Four

My related qualifications & Associations

I am a Birth and Post Birth Doula and member of Doula UK, having trained under Dr. Michel Odent, June 2008 and now also a Maternity Nurse, qualifying this year. 2015

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