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Bristol with Tara Thompson

Bristol with Tara Thompson


Why I became a practitioner

My journey into birth work began when I was asked to attend the births of dear friends of mine, to provide massage and support in their labours. Following these powerful experiences I then decided to train as a doula and it was through my training that I could see how hypnobirthing was supporting many women. I understood the importance of birth preparation, on a physical, mental, emotional and practical level, for women and birth partners, and as a method of hypnobirthing, Natal Hypnotherapy resonated with me the most.

I saw that Natal Hypnotherapy was accessible and easy to grasp, with so many women overcoming fear around birth and going on to have incredibly positive experiences, no matter what form their birth took, bringing many benefits to them, their partners and their babies. This was something I, therefore, wished to bring to women in Bristol.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

We each live our lives in incredibly unique ways and you are by far the expert at living your life! It is the same with pregnancy and birth. Each birth is completely unique to you and your baby – it can look in many different ways and there is no right or wrong. No matter what form the birth may take, the benefits of a positive and empowering birth experience, for mother, partner and baby, are far reaching and it is an honour to be able to support this.

Natal Hypnotherapy addresses fear around birth, teaching tools for relaxation and natural pain relief, as well as educating women and birth partners around many of the choices they have before, during and after birth.

When birth can be approached in a relaxed and open way, then your body will be more able to open to the powerful ability it has to birth and nurture your baby. Of course there are many factors that come into play that can have an impact on the outcome of the birth, but in all situations, having the ability to deeply relax will always serve, which is why Natal Hypnotherapy is such a valuable offering. No matter where your birth may take you, the experience can always be positive and empowering for you in your particular circumstances.

I love the opportunity of connecting with women physically during pregnancy through the massage I offer. I believe that supporting women to balance their hormones and energy in pregnancy will also support them in their labour and birth.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

I have been offering pregnancy, labour and birth support since 2011 as a Birth Doula and Thai Yoga Massage therapist. Many of the women I work with also choose to prepare for birth with Natal Hypnotherapy and through my direct experience of being with some of them in their births, as well as feedback I have received, I know that they have benefitted enormously from the Natal Hypnotherapy workshops.

Feedback from Natal Hypnotherapy classes

“Tara is such a wonderful, attentive, open intuitive ‘teacher’ – I felt really heard, held and empowered. I came onto the course under quite stressful conditions and feeling really nervous about my impending birth, having just lost my partner. At the end of the workshop day I felt I could trust my friend – and birth partner – to hold me through the birth. I remembered that I trust my body and that labour can be a really positive experience. It prompted me to feel empowered and excited about my labour. It was also really nice that my birth partner came away feeling much more positive and calm too. Thank you Tara for a great day. You really helped turn around my fear. It was a really beautiful, relaxing and empowering day and you are a really lovely, grounded and responsive teacher.” Rosie

“I’m so glad we attended this workshop, it has helped me to work through a lot of anxieties I was holding onto about the birth.” Suzie

“Suze's waters broke on Saturday evening and so despite no contractions we went to the hospital. As there was no activity we were advised to go home, but required to come back for an induction on Monday due to infection risk. Sunday morning contractions were starting and becoming more intense, by 8am we went to the hospital as contractions were 3 minutes apart. We were using the breathing techniques all the way through with relaxing music and my support to keep relaxed. Suze was in the pool for most of birth and only used gas and air with no other drugs. The techniques used were critical and she was able to achieve a drug free relaxed birth remembering that her body and the baby is able to deal with the birth. Thank for all your help.” Peter

“I now feel 90-100% equipped for our first birth – a month ago it was only 40-50% and a lot of that is down to these workshops which are an ideal accompaniment to NCT classes. Tara is an excellent trainer who is patient and always happy to discuss/answer questions throughout a well organised and well thought out workshop. Her calming influence and affable manner make her an ideal trainer for Natal Hypnotherapy.” Andy

“I was so pleased that Andy (my husband) was so included, as I think partners can get left out when actually they play such an important role as the support. I found Tara’s calming nature and positivity towards each birth being different very calming and motivating. I feel Tara has a natural ability and is definitely in the right role.” Julie

My related qualifications & Associations
Holistic Birth Practitioner – qualified with Birthing Wisdom since 2013
Thai Yoga Massage Therapist – qualified with The London School of Thai Yoga Massage since 2010 (with an Advanced Diploma covering Pregnancy and Postnatal massage)

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