Hypnobirthing Birth Videos

Watch our birth videos with real Hypnobirthing mums giving birth using Natal Hypnotherapy.

OBEM Mum talks about how Natal Hypnotherapy helped after a traumatic first birth

Nadine explains how using Natal Hypnotherapy helped her and her husband Paul have a positive, calm birth. She explains how she used it, what she learnt, how she and her husband benefitted and the impact it had on her birth - very inspiring!

Nadine's birth was filmed for One Born Every Minute which was shown on August 12th 2015 on Channel 4

Katie Garner gives birth to Jack

Katie takes you through her birth of her son Jack using Natal Hypnotherapy. You can listen to the Natal Hypnotherapy CDs in the background. The video takes you through the stage of labour from her preparations at home, the journing to hospital (contractions 1 minute long) and the birth in the pool. Katie explains various emotional stages of birth and Katies husband talks about oxytocin in birth.
Excitement Phase
Serious Phase
Self Doubt

Maggie gives birth to Alex at home

Maggie gives birth peacefully and quietly at home to her son Alex. The clip is divided in to three sections. The first shows Maggie going through a contraction - you will notice that very little is going on! However you can see the contraction happening if you watch her bump carefully. The second clip shows the only time during the whole labour when Maggie shakes her head which we her time for self doubt and the third clip shows that there need be no rush when the baby is being born.

Chireal gives birth to twins vaginally using Natal Hypnotherapy

Chireals birth of twins is an inspiring and amazing video to watch. She begins by talking about her decision not to be induced followed by her move into hospital to birth her babies. It is very noticeable that she is able to go into deep relaxation when she is having a contraction but is still very conversant and "present". Although she gives birth in a bright, noisy, busy environment she is still able to stay very calm and focused.

Liz Davey has a home birth

This is the beautiful birth of Liz's 4th child Alana - she came in such a hurry the midwife only just made it through the door, the children missed it and her husband was still asleep. Inspite of that Liz was completely trusting and relaxed whilst she birthed her baby.

Sammy and Paul's One Born Every Minute birth

Sammy decided to use Natal Hypnotherapy hypnobirthing during her waterbirth shown on One Born Every Minute. Her mum and partner Paul were both her birthing partners.


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Check out our new online Hypnobirthing class now

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Benefits of Natal Hypnotherapy are to Overcome fear, reduce pain, feel more confident, feel more prepared, learn life long stress management skills

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