How to stay cool when you are pregnant

Most of us love the warmer summer months, but when you are heavily pregnant it can feel really unbearable. My eldest was born at the beginning of September and I remember feeling so hot, sweaty, heavy and lethargic in the last few weeks. So as the temperatures are soaring, I decided to put together a list of ways to help you stay cool and chilled in the heat. Some of these are so obvious I know, but it is nice to have list to check on if you feel you have run out of ideas. I have included a pdf for you to print off and put on your fridge.

Top 15 tips for coping better with summer heat

Top 15 tips for coping better with summer heat

1. Get a small fan - Poundland currently have electric hand held fans for - you guessed it £1

2. Put your wrists under running cold water to cool your pulse points, or use a cool wet towel on your forehead and the back of your neck.

3. Have some frozen juice ice cubes in the fridge to suck on

4. Wear natural and loose fitting fabrics

5. Drink loads of water - even if you are not thirsty - set a timer on your phone to beep once and hour to remind you to drink a glass of water.

6. Put your feet in a large bowl of cold water

7. Eat lots of salads, greens and fruit - the higher water content keeps you well hydrated. My
favourite is a large slice of water melon!

8. Have cool shower - not cold as that will send your body into a bit of shock which can constrict blood vessels and so you retain the heat

9. Stay in the shade - use and umbrella or parasol to keep the sun off you if you have to be outside

10. Drink hot tea - bizarrely this will actually cool you down as it helps you perspire more and so cools you down

11. Carry a small spray bottle with water - again you can get little bottles from pound shops. Create a mini spa feel by adding cucumber or lemon to the water.

12. Wear light coloured clothes - dark clothes absorb the sun and so feel hotter to wear.

13. Keep the curtains or blinds closed if you are indoors

14. Use cucumber on your eyes to cool them - very 70s but hey, if it works?

15. Avoid doing too much - accept offers for help, arrange to meet for coffee at your house, schedule time for naps.

Get a pdf to print off

Get a pdf to print off

Print this off and put it on your fridge door to prompt you when you are feeling all hot and bothered.

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