How To create your 'special place'

How to create special place to help you during labour

This topic is all about how to create special place in your mind. Now a technique often use in hypnosis in meditation and relaxation is to encourage you to go inwards, to a special place that you have created.

It's a bit like having your own personal inner sanctuary based on a real or imaginary place, that you associate with relaxation, comfort, security or peace. Maybe it's a room in your home, a cabin in the mountains, a corner in your garden, a lovely sandy beach somewhere you can hear the ocean in the waves coming to the shore. It could be an open meadow full of wild flowers or soft moss carpeted spot in a peaceful woodland, anywhere at all.

And what happens is, when you go to that place on your mind routinely whether in meditation, or when you're just falling asleep or in the bath, it becomes a really easy familiar place to go to, when you feel need to relax and to just get away from everything for awhile.

Now my special place has always been the same secluded beach that I went to when I was backpacking in Thailand, many, many, many years ago when I first created that special place I used to spend a lot of time there just thinking about everything that I can remember: the route to get there; the colours; the sound of the sea; the feeling of the water; the texture of the sand, and I did that with with intention. It wasn't connected to hypnosis relaxation, I was just thinking about that special place, that beach.

When I started to learn self-hypnosis, that was my go to place, when I wanted to really focus, to switch off my conscious thinking brain, it very soon became completely automatic. That when I began to focus on my breathing, and gave myself permission to into hypnosis, I would just automatically go to that beach.

Over the years I've been on that beat in all sorts of guises when I was pregnant, being a pregnant woman, with my babies with my husband and then later on with my sons and I've often seen them at all stages of their life on that beat of my subconscious comes up with its own imagination of what I'd like that beach to be, on that particular day. So it's a place for me of just pure joy, utter peace and happiness and it's a real comfort I've gone there quite a lot so when the world throws you curveballs, it is somewhere I can just go to and just relax. Many, many women are really useful technique to think about now during the pregnancy and then to use it later on in the birth itself. You can always use it as a way to to kind of focus all of your thoughts when you're in that special place. There is no right or wrong it's how you use it.

There was one lady I worked with many years ago, and I always remember this, that she hadn't really planned a special place, but when she went into labour she just went there. It became her special place to go to for every contraction. It was based on a based on a beach that she had been to, that she had lived at when she was younger, in Cornwall. When she was in labour, as each contraction started she, kind of took some breaths, went inside, began to visualise and she saw herself walking down the steep steps, from the top of the cliff, down to the beach. She was carrying Tealight and that she would get to the bottom of the beach, during the contraction, she would place the Tealight on the beach, then go back up at the end of the contraction. What happened was that as the labour progressed, and things becaome more intense, she would go down to that beach for every time she went down there, there were more and more and more tea lights on the beach. So she then felt like with each contraction, she almost wanted it to come on. She was kind of willing the next contraction because it meant that she would contribute the next beautiful Tealight. To the point and at the end she was so sereen and so calm that actually, were not kind of aware that her baby was just about to be born. It was all down to this visualisation that she had of been able to go down to that beach and to see all of those beautiful Tealights. Then there was one other birth I attended. In fact it was my very first birth I went to and it was a couple who they actually lived in a barn and they had travelled a huge amount in their lives, and during everything contraction, her partner would say one word and it would be the name of a place that they had been to, together as a couple. It could be anywhere, it was all sorts all places around the world a lots in India and the Far East. What happened was as that attraction started, again the mum was able to take a self into a lovely relaxed state, to breathe deeply and to mentally go back to that place, that he had mentioned.

So there are lots of amazing ways to to use power of visualisation and to use a special place whether you spend time creating that special place now, or whether it just comes to you in labour. I would really strongly urge you to have a think about it, and it can change, it doesn't have to stay the same. I remember one lady told me about her special place that she had bedroom, but her bedroom moved, so that she was always in her bedroom but she was looking out of the window, and she was in some other amazing space, and place, around the world.

Have a go think about somewhere that you triggers wonderful happy safe calm memories for you and build on that and then use that during the labour during contractions.