How to convince your partner to do a hypnobirthing class

Why should you sign up to a hypnosis course? Or more to the point, why should your birth partner?

What another course!

What another course!

You may already be convinced how great it will be, but mentioning one more anti-natal course to your birth partner may not go down that well! And it's understandable. After all, the lead-up to having a baby is busy enough as it is.

You may already have started NCT (National Childbirth Trust) evenings or weekends, which pose not just a time commitment, but a financial one too; courses can cost in excess of £300 in the capital. Plus there are all the different sessions on offer at your local Hospitals on everything from breastfeeding to caesarians.

On top of that, there's researching and shopping for a vast array of baby paraphernalia like buggies, cots, car seats and slings. Once all that's done, you'd be forgiven for wanting to curl up in your new Moses Basket until the contractions start.

BUT, and it is a great big BUT if you really want to know HOW to have a positive, empowering, even amazing birth, as opposed to just finding out about birth choices and having a list of things you really should be doing, then a hypnobirthing course is invaluable.

Plus if your birth partner wants to be truly supportive during labour, and not just feel like his job is to time contractions on your latest app, and tell you to breathe, then read on to find out how getting on board with hypnobirthing can be a real life changer.

So how do you go about convincing them? Here's how:

So how do you go about convincing them? Here's how:

1. Giving birth is a team effort. If a woman is to give birth easily, a number of environmental factors need to be in place, such as privacy, darkness and a sense of security. So the birth partner needs to act as gatekeeper during the birth, keeping unnecessary strangers at bay and literally cocooning the mother in a protective bubble. The Natal Hypnotherapy course (be-it online or in person) will teach him or her how.

2. Love is important. It triggers the birthing hormone oxytocin, which is the queen of all birthing hormones. If your partner understands how the hormone works, conditions that it thrives in as well as conditions that prevent it from flowing freely, your birth will be so much more efficient, making those contractions so much more effective. Sure the midwife could dole out the sweet-talk, but it's better coming from someone who really means it. Ladle on that good stuff.

3. Don't be a spare part. A birth partner may be incredibly well-intentioned, but if they don't have the tools and techniques to really help the mother, they'll never be more than an awkward bystander. At worst, they could even hinder a woman's ability to give birth easily and naturally. And no one wants that.

4. Bombard them with facts and figures. Hypnosis isn't hippy-dippy; it's proven to shorten labour and reduce the need for pain medication and surgical deliveries. Babies are also more likely to have a higher Apgar score, which basically means they are born healthier. What's not to love about that?

5. What's their Plan B? If a birth isn't quite going to plan, a partner needs to step up when you can't. Instead of demanding medical interventions - which may not always be medically necessary, desirable or even immediately possible - there are many tricks they can employ to get the birth back on track. NH gives partners practical techniques to make the mother feel confident and in control, even in moments of deep self-doubt.

Your step by step guide to hypnobirthing

Your step by step guide to hypnobirthing

The hour long webinar will answer these and other questions:-

What it is hypnosis?
How does hypnobirthing work?
Why do you need hypnobirthing?
How is Natal Hypnotherapy is so effective?
What can my partner do to support my hypnobirthing?

Plus Maggie will give you practical tools, techniques and tips to help both you and your partner be more prepared and have a positive birth experience.