How do I learn Hypnobirthing

You can learn Hypnobirthing in a variety of ways.

You can learn Hypnobirthing in a variety of ways.

Natal Hypnotherapy provides a range of options to match your preferred learning style:

• face to face classes with licensed practitioners to get that personal touch and get your specific questions answered

• online classes covering the same material as face to face but accessible 24x7 from the comfort of your sofa,

• award-winning audio tracks as downloads

• comprehensive, work book style "Effective birth Preparation Book". 300 pages of amazing tips, techniques, tools and positive birth stories (now included with the Audio Pack)

From just £10 per track or £25 for the full audio pack (11 hypnotracks), you can leanr all the foundation skills to have a very positive birth experience.

Our comprehensive series of hypnobirthing tracks, help you through every stage of pregnancy, birth and post natal period. All of them teach you deep breathing, relaxation and visualisation with suggestions specifc to your particualr stage

The Natal Hypnotherapy series includes:-

• Overcoming Morning Sickness for helping you get through those times of feeling really yuk!

Pregnancy Relaxation help you throughout your pregnancy with suggestions to help you manage physical and emotional changes

• Effective Birth Preparation is available for all types of births - home birth, hospital birth, VBAC or caesarean (twins versions available). If your baby is breech we also have a track to help turn your baby.

• Letting go of fear
- this can be used at any time if you have specific concerns or worries or if you just feel a bit nervous.

• Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music. Listening to these during labour is like having Maggie all to yourself, right by your side during labour. Her gentle tone helps reassure you that you can do it, reminds you of the hypnobirthing techniques and boosts your confidence at those moments when you could do with a bit extra support.

• The Fast Post Natal recovery helps you build confidence as a new mum and cope with all the ups and downs that may come your way.

• The Breastfeeding Companion helps you have a more relaxing and positive breast feeding experience especially if you are struggling and feel alone at 3 am in the morning!

Let us know if you need any help to decide what Natal Hypnotherapy formats would work best for you.

Phil and Maggie, xx