Healthy Eating For New Mums

Healthy Eating For New Mums

Healthy Eating For New Mums

Healthy eating after having a baby.
To start with, this track is NOT about a quick fix, celeb style, lose weight fast approach. This is not about going on a crash diet or reducing calories. This track is all about acknowledging your needs as a new mum by helping you change or improve your eating habits.

so you increase your intake of healthy, nutritious food, increase the amount of water you drink and decrease foods high in sugar, saturated fats and starchy carbs. In addition it helps you shift away from emotion based eating (ie eating out of boredom, stress, tiredness, habit) and towards eating mainly for nutrition as well as hunger.

In addition listening to the track helps to take time to slow down, stop and relax which reduces cortisol or stress hormones that you get when you are tired. This is a double whammy as increased cortisol can in turn prevent weight loss.

Listening to this track will help you:-
- eat more vibrant colourful fruit and vegetables
- eat less sugars, fats and complex carbohydrates (bread, pasta)
- drink more water
- reduce cravings and bad habits
- recognise when you are full and then stop eating
- avoid picking food from your baby or toddler
- avoid unhealthy snacks between meals by using simple triggers
- practice mindfulness to help you stay calm and focused.
- eat for the right reasons and not based on your emotions
- create a more positive and healthy relationship with food
- Increase your health and vitality to cope better with sleepless nights and long days.

Track length: 28 minutes

The average woman gains about 28 lbs during her pregnancy, however only about 7lb of this is extra fat and 8lb is excess fluid, which was an integral and necessary part of keeping you and your baby healthy. Once your baby has been born, you will of course loose about half of the amount you have gained which is made up of you from your baby, the placenta, amniotic fluid and increase blood flow. However, initially your body will retain the excess fat and fluid that you gained during your pregnancy as a store to supply your breast milk. Over the next few weeks you will naturally continue to loose some of this weight as your body releases excess fluid and the fat is used for milk.

For most women who maintain a healthy diet and active lifestyle, the remaining 10 - 12 pounds will gradually disappear over the next 6 - 9 months.

"I have listened to the track for three weeks and I'm drinking way more water (instead of squash or diet coke), I don't even want chocolate (very unlike me), I am enjoying looking for and choosing healthy food and still feel like I am eating loads. I've lost 3lb!" Judy