Have a better birth - £10+

Effective Tools to help you have a positive birth from just £10

With Natal Hypnotherapy you can have a better birth from as little as £10.

By listening to the Natal Hypnotherapy tracks you will learn the key Hypnobirthing skills of relaxation, breathing and visualisation. You will also learn coping strategies and pain management techniques to help you through every eventuality during labour.

Use the chart below to see which audio track to use when:

Which tracks should I listen to and when?

Which tracks should I listen to and when?

We have Hypnobirthing options to support you from preparing to concieve through to 6 weeks postnatally

No of weeksWhen you should do itWhat to do
0-16 weeksFeeling yuckyGet the Overcome Morning Sickness track to start feeling better
6 -32 weeksIn early pregnancy

Start Pregnancy Relaxation to help start to build your relaxation skills

Start reading the Effective Birth Preparation Practical Guide packed with explanations, 'how to' top tips confidence building positive birth stories.

Sign up for a Hypnobirthing class to make sure you get one as they book up

32-40+ weeksThinking about the birth

Read the Effective Birth Preparation Practical Guide Book and get your birth partner to read Chapter 9.

Listen to an Effective Birth Preparation track (Hospital birth/birthing centre; home birth; VBAC; caesarean; twins+)

Do your Natal Hypnotherapy class face to face or online hypnobirthing class.

Birth When you need some extra supportListen to the Labour Companion and Relaxing birth music to give you a real confidence boost during birth.
Post natalAfter the baby has been born

For help getting back to being you listen to the Fast Post Natal Recovery tracks.

Listen to our Healthy Eating tracks to help you adjust back in size and shape

For help with breastfeeding listen to the Breastfeeding Companion.

If you have any questions just contact us and ask. You can email or DM us on Facebook and Instagram @Natal_Hypnotherapy