Reviews Fast Post Natal Recovery

"This was my third child and with the other two I suffered terribly from post natal depression"

Julie Tindle

"I had to write and let you know what an amazing impact the post natal CD has had on me. This was my third child and with the other two I suffered terribly from post natal depression - each time it went on for well over a year. I had planned not to have any more kids as the depression had been so bad. I then got pregnant by accident with Chloe - I was petrified that I would have to go through the PND again. I then heard about your CDs and decided to give them a go (the other 2 births had been pretty awful as well so I wanted anything that would help). I listened to the CDs as much as I could and went on to have a really positive birth - so different from the others.

However, for me, the main effect as been post natally. I started listening to the post natal CD as soon as I could on the post natal ward - the others thought I was a bit weird! Amazingly, I felt really great after the birth and bonded straight away with Chloe. I had not even thought I would breast feed, but something in me felt like giving it a go (I am still breast feeding now - 3 months on).

I carried on listening to the CD when I got home, whenever I had a chance, and even though I still got really tired, none of the depression came back

Thank you so much - words can not express how wonderful it is to feel normal and to even enjoy those first few weeks with my daughter. "

"The CD was a tremendous help after J was born"

Camila Jenson
"The CD was a tremendous help after J was born. I am so much calmer this time round and have actually found breastfeeding enjoyable! Because I am so much calmer, he is really chilled out to. Many thanks and make sure everyone hears about these CDs!"

Jay Johnson
"After the delivery I listened to the post natal recovery CD - fantastic. My feet have not touched the ground since she was born and I am sure my sanity is down to the CD. It helped me with relaxation, breast feeding and being able to juggle a new born and 2 small children, running a house and being a wife."

Natasha Helsom

"I had such a great birth that I forgot about the post natal CD until a week after the birth. When I then played it, it was so lovely to get back into that "zone" that had really helped me during my pregnancy. Since then I have played the CD loads and Abbey just loves it - she always seems to calm down and often falls asleep when I have it on. I feel a lot more confident about breastfeeding and am actually beginning to enjoy it"