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Effective Birth Preparation - Your practical guide

Effective Birth Preparation - Your practical guide

Ref: 9781905220595

This is a really practical, informative, down to earth and inspiring hypnobirthing guide book. It will help you in using hypnobirthing techniques effectively, taking you step by step through the things that you can do yourself to be more prepared for birth, explaining why you should do each step.

Unlike many books on pregnancy, it focuses on emotional, mental as well as physical preparation. The focus is not just on "what to do" but importantly "how to do it" so you:-

• Learn easy to use relaxation, visualisation, self-hypnosis and breathing techniques.
• Gain an in-depth understanding of how the mind works and how you can use your mind to help the birth and not hinder it.
• Help you personalize your preparation to your needs
• Increase your confidence and belief in your ability to give birth.
• Be inspired by heart-warming birth stories from real mums - just like you - who have used these tools and techniques.

The french translation was chosen as best pregnancy book by ELLE Magazine Paris
Chosen as best pregnancy book by ELLE Magazine

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