Download Instructions

Find out how to download to a Windows PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, Tablet...

I have bought my hypnobirthing downloads now how do I download them?

How do I know what format of Hypnobirthing audio track to get?
The content is the same across the formats we supply. Whether you buy the an audio track on CD, mp3 or as an m4a file, the content, the actual audio you hear and the suggestions, are the same across all formats.

So what format of hypnobirthing track should I get?
Please use the following guide to select the right format to buy. If you have an
• iPhone/iPad and no PC/Mac - choose an m4a file format, to download using the DropBox app available free from the Apple App Centre
• Android device, phone, tablet or computer, - choose an mp3 file format, download with Chrome
• iPhone/iPad and also have a PC/Mac - choose an mp3 file format, download to the PC/Mac using Chrome, import to iTunes, plug in your USB phone charging cable, sync your music on your phone/pc/mac.
• PC/Mac - choose an mp3 file format, download with Chrome

When will I get the links to my hypnobirthing tracks?
You get your download links immediately after purchase as they appear at the end of the checkout process on the receipt screen (before you press the DONE button). If you don't manage to download all the tracks immediately please do not worry. We will also automatically email you links so please ensure our customer service email "" is saved as a contact on your device, to avoid the email going into spam or being blocked.

Aaaagh! I need help! - Dont worry, we are here to help you.
We have a step by step process with photos for different devices, to make it super easy!

Please select the type of file you wish to download and then your device.