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Changing the Birthing Culture in the UK

Changing the birthing culture in the UK

Changing the birthing culture in the UK
The facts speak for themselves: Natal Hypnotherapy users have an average caesarean rate up to half the national average and are recommended by 97% of users. Medical research has repeatedly found that hypnosis reduces surgical intervention, use of pain medication, mum’s pain perception, and labour times.

Maggie says: “This could revolutionise the way women give birth. If we could give every pregnant woman in the UK a Natal Hypnotherapy CD to listen to we could save the NHS a fortune and change birthing culture!”

It may not be on prescription yet, but Maggie’s work is already changing the birthing world. Thanks to Maggie, effective birth preparation is no longer only available for those with the luxury of money and time. Her range of self-hypnosis CDs for pregnancy and birth, and new book “effective birth preparation – your practical guide to a better birth” are accessible for everyone, and designed to fit into a hectic life. From terrified teenage mums to women planning their sixth home birth, the techniques have helped women from all walks of life have a more positive birth.

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