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Maggie's guide to a better birth

Maggie's guide to a better birth

Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy is an easy, affordable way to learn relaxation and breathing techniques to help you:

• overcome fear
• reduce pain in labour
• feel more confident in your body
• feel more prepared to give birth to your baby
• learn stress management techniques to have a calm birth

Whether you a pregnant mum or a birth professional, there is always a lot to learn about birthing.

Please click on the link If you would like more information on hypnobirthing or take a look at my video below on preparing for birth. We are here to help you.

Best wishes,

Maggie xx

Video guide to prepare for birth

Please watch my video guide to prepare for birth

We have audio tracks to learn to relax from early pregnancy onwards, effective birth preparation books, classes and audio tracks to you help get the most out of your birth preparation and even help with post natal recovery after the baby had been born!

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