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Hartley Wintney with Beatrice Sudlow

Hartley Wintney  with Beatrice Sudlow


Why I became a practitioner

I became a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner because I wanted to share the possibility of a positive and empowering birth experience with as many women and their partners as possible. My husband and I took a Natal Hypnotherapy course as preparation for the birth of our son and had a wonderful experience – I found the course and Rafe’s birth so incredibly nurturing, strengthening and empowering that I felt I had to share this positivity and possibility with others.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

I believe every mother, pregnancy, baby and birth is different and there is no right or wrong. I believe pregnancy and birth should be cherished and that it would be wonderful if all women felt they were in control of their experiences, were able to gain knowledge and understanding that was useful to them and were free to make choices without judgement. I think in our modern world pregnancy and birth can often be a time for fear and worry to arise and that it is so important we realise and let go of these worries and fears and replace them with hopes, strength and positivity. I believe that Natal Hypnotherapy works on many levels for mother, baby and partner and that by taking time out to prepare during pregnancy gives women a much higher chance of a positive and empowering birth experience and beyond that an easier transition into parenthood. I believe every choice is valid and support all women whether they want to prepare for a natural birth in a birth centre or at home, a c-section or more medicalised birth in hospital – for each scenario Natal Hypnotherapy can be hugely beneficial. Pregnancy and birth is a very special time to be cherished and nurtured and I believe preparation, relaxation, care and time are key.

My personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

Having recently trained and qualified as a Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner I have already been fortunate enough to help several women have a wonderful and positive birth experience, this has been for both first time and second time mums (please see feedback of courses and birth stories below). I am also currently 7 months pregnant and looking forward to another Natal Hypnotherapy birth with our second child.

Feedback from Natal Hypnotherapy classes

Very lively, enthusiastic – good connection with all participants.
Confident and relaxed, delivered the class really well and kept it in the real world.
Really outstanding.
Very personable.
Friendly and attentive.

I had a long and difficult first labour, and had also dealt with a loss in the family close to giving birth to my first child.? I really wanted to do everything I could to have a better experience the second time around, and I'm positive that working with Bea ahead of my daughter arriving enabled me to have a more calm and positive outlook throughout my labour. I would recommend a session/workshop with Bea to anyone looking to have a more relaxed and positive birth experience. (Bronwyn Daly mother to William and Georgia)

I can't speak highly enough of Bea or her course. What I learnt in such a short time with Bea was totally invaluable and both my husband and I gained so much more from the natal hypnotherapy course than we did from other classes we had taken. I immediately felt at ease in the calm, candlelit surroundings of Beas home and by the end of the first session I left feeling totally confident that I would be able to have the natural labour I had my heart set on. My husband was worried it was going to be too 'hippy' for his liking but again, after the first session he said he really enjoyed it and took away lots from it. I used Beas visualisation and breathing techniques as soon as my contractions became more intense and I was able to get to 10cm with only 2 paracetamol. My husband was incredible quoting bits from Beas relaxation scripts to help me through the more intense contractions and he talked me through my breathing reminding me of sections from Beas script again throughout the pushing stage. In fact, the only slight draw back of taking this course was that I was so calm throughout the first stages of my labour that the midwife kept telling me I wasn't in labour!! I took 2 paracetamol that I happened to have in my handbag and about half an hour later (after making some convincing farm animal noises) my husband eventually persuaded her to examine me. I was 7cm dilated! 4 minutes later I was in the delivery suite and was told I had reached 10cm and 20 minutes later our son was born. My labour was just under 3 hrs in total and I'm sure it was so quick as I was totally calm and relaxed. The course taught me how to let go, trust my body and let it do all the work. I was also lucky enough not to tear. I mention this as it was one of my fears we addressed on the course and I'm sure it's because Luke was able to coach me through the breathing that the baby's head came out so gently. The midwife came and found me later to apologise and said it was rare to see someone so calm in established labour. I was later told by a different midwife that it isn't an uncommon occurrence in women who are practising natal hypnotherapy. If we are lucky enough to have another baby in the future I will definitely do the course again so everything is fresh in my mind. What more can I say? The proof is in the pudding!
(Katy Ratcliffe – mother to George)

My related qualifications & Associations
Fully qualified Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner – accredited by the Royal College of Midwives

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