How to choose the best preparation for birth for you?

How to choose the best preparation for birth for you?

I am Maggie Howell, and I began developing Natal Hypnotherapy some 20 years ago after the birth of my first son. I continued to develop the program based on my experience of a further 4 home births, as a clinical hypnotherapist, doula at many incredible births in hospital as well as at homes, a birth educator and a trainer of over 1000 midwives and antenatal teachers. So I do relate to and understand how you feel about preparing for childbirth.

I remember with my first pregnancy having so many questions which you may relate to:
• How bad is the pain of childbirth?
• What do I need to know about having a baby?
• How do I prepare for giving birth?
• When should I start preparing for birth?

So where do you start?

To help you navigate your way, we have created a guide to choosing the best birth preparation that is right for you (see below)

It can be very tempting to feel like you have to learn everything there is to know, however being able to pass an exam on birth may not always be the best option. In fact, it can sometimes work against you as too much knowledge can lead to an increase in anxiety and even fear.

I remember seeing a woman who gave birth whilst she was in a coma. She would not have applied any conscious learning to giving birth so how could she do so?

The answer is simple - your body already knows how to give birth. It can do so itself. The challenge is to convince your mind!

Most books and antenatal classes cover a wide range of "information based" topics such as what will happen during birth, all the procedures and protocols, pain relief options, etc.

For the last 20 years, I have taken a different approach.

The Natal Hypnotherapy programme focuses on realistic, tried and tested techniques that teach YOU exactly what to do, to be fully prepared emotionally and as well as physically.

It is all about getting your mind and body in sync, as we already agree that your body knows how to give birth.

If you would like to join the 150,000 women who have benefitted from this approach to a positive pregnancy and birth, then I am here to help.

Using these tools and techniques I can guarantee you will feel so much more prepared, so much more confident and so free to enjoy the rest of your pregnancy

Best wishes,

Maggie xx

Why do Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy?

Why do Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy?

There are many good reasons to do Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy.

Natal Hypnotherapy is
• a practical and effective way to have a positive and more relaxing birth experience;

• very easy to learn and practice as you don't have to do very much at all;

• affordable and a great way to learn relaxation and breathing techniques from just £10;

• tried and tested by 150k+ women because they work!;

• helpful to birth partners to guide them through supporting the mum during birth;

• available in different formats to suit your learning style and budget including;
- confidence building face to face classes
- self paced online training
- soothing award winning audio downloads; and a
- practical and effective birth preparation guide book to help you have a better birth.

• designed for everyone - no matter what kind of birth you are planning.

• realistic and down to earth - free of fluff, nonsense and airy fairy words

It is worth noting that Maggie Howell who created Natal Hypnotherapy back in 2000 has given birth to 5 children at home without so much as an aspirin. You can watch Alex's birth online to give you some extra encouragement.

Natal Hypnotherapy is the only hypnobirthing program in the UK deisgned and developed exlusively from a mother's experiences of giving birth and then training in Clinical Hypnotherapy.

What is it Hypnobirthing?

What is it Hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy is about
• learning how to relax and let your body get on with birthing your baby.
• helping you to overcome any fears and learn to be more relaxed whatever is going on around you or where ever you are.
• enabling you to feel empowered, positive and in control.
• helping your birth partner understand how to help you, what to do and how to 'be' with you.

It is easy to learn, down to earth and relatable and equips you with useful and practical techniques that help you to have a positive birth experience, regardless of where or how you give birth.

As well as all that, Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy is really enjoyable, relaxing and easy.

Hypnobirthing helps rekindle that awesome power that is already within you.

Enough said? Lets find out how you can learn Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy.

How to do Hypnobirthing?

How to do Hypnobirthing?

You can learn Hypnobirthing in a variety of ways, you just have to pick what suits you.

Natal Hypnotherapy provides a range of options to match your preferred learning style:

• face to face classes with licensed practitioners to get that personal touch and get your specific questions answered

• online classes covering the same material as face to face but accessible 24x7 from the comfort of your sofa,

• award-winning audio tracks as downloads (see the special offer for 3 for 2 on all downloads)

• comprehensive, work book style "Effective birth Preparation Book". 300 pages of amazing tips, techniques, tools and positive birth stories

You can have a very positive birth experience from just £10 doing Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy.

As with anything in life the more you prepare the more likely it is that you will get all the benefits.

Our comprehensive series of hypnobirthing tracks, help you through every stage of pregnancy, birth and post natal period. All of them teach you deep breathing, relaxation and visualisation with suggestions specifc to your particualr stage

The Natal Hypnotherapy series includes:-

• Overcoming Morning Sickness for helping you get through those times of feeling really yuk!

Pregnancy Relaxation help you throughout your pregnancy with suggestions to help you manage physical and emotional changes

• Effective Birth Preparation is available for all types of births - home birth, hospital birth, VBAC or caesarean (twins versions available). If your baby is breech we also have a track to help turn your baby.

• Letting go of fear
- this can be used at any time if you have specific concerns or worries or if you just feel a bit nervous.

• Labour Companion and Relaxing Birth Music. Listening to these during labour is like having Maggie all to yourself, right by your side during labour. Her gentle tone helps reassure you that you can do it, reminds you of the hypnobirthing techniques and boosts your confidence at those moments when you could do with a bit extra support.

• The Fast Post Natal recovery helps you build confidence as a new mum and cope with all the ups and downs that may come your way.

• The Breastfeeding Companion helps you have a more relaxing and positive breast feeding experience especially if you are struggling and feel alone at 3 am in the morning!

Let us know if you need any help to decide what Natal Hypnotherapy formats would work best for you.

Phil and Maggie, xx

When to do Hypnobirthing?

When to do Hypnobirthing?

You can start Hypnobirthing with Natal Hypnotherapy from before you get pregnant with our conception support tracks and then from early pregnancy with the Pregnancy Relaxation and Overcome Morning Sickness tracks. You can then continue through to after the baby(ies) have been born. Check out below to see where best to start for you

No of weeksWhen you should do itWhat to do
0-16 weeksFeeling yuckyGet the Overcome Morning Sickness track to start feeling better
6 -32 weeksIn early pregnancy

Start Pregnancy Relaxation to help start to build your relaxation skills

Start reading the Effective Birth Preparation Practical Guide packed with explanations, 'how to' top tips confidence building positive birth stories.

Sign up for a Hypnobirthing class to make sure you get one as they book up

32-40+ weeksThinking about the birth

Read the Effective Birth Preparation Practical Guide Book and get your birth partner to read Chapter 9.

Listen to an Effective Birth Preparation track (Hospital birth/birthing centre; home birth; VBAC; caesarean; twins+)

Do your Natal Hypnotherapy class face to face or online hypnobirthing class.

Birth When you need some extra supportListen to the Labour Companion and Relaxing birth music to give you a real confidence boost during birth.
Post natalAfter the baby has been born

For help getting back to being you listen to the Fast Post Natal Recovery tracks.

Listen to our Healthy Eating tracks to help you adjust back in size and shape

For help with breastfeeding listen to the Breastfeeding Companion.

If you have any questions just contact us and ask. You can email or DM us Facebook and Instagram

What else can I do?

What else can I do?

You can help have a relaxing and positive birth by

• take time to relax and prepare yourself
• avoiding sources of stress and anxiety
• gentle and sensible exercise, e.g. walking etc
• being kind to yourself
• eating healthily
• helping your partner understand how they can help you (there is a specifc section on the ourse and in the Effective birth preparation book on this).

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