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"I had an amazing birthing experience" - A special birth story

"I had an amazing birthing experience and I would like to share why Natal Hypnotherapy by Maggie Howell made all the difference.

I gave birth to two beautiful, healthy boys, both times using Natal Hypnotherapy and on both occasions have had a really good experience. Me and my partner I had the birth we had planned for, in the birthing pool and naturally the babies were born healthy. I had no tears and I recovered really quickly.

The Natal hypnotherapy course is extremely helpful. There are few things, few aspects of it that particularly helped me and made my labour easier. First of all.."
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We would like to share this great birth story "I had an amazing birth" with you from a recent Natal Hypnotherapy mum, Eliza Banasiak. We hope you feel as inspired as we do after listening to it.

Eliza used our Online Hypnobirthing Course to prepare for her births. You can read more about preparing for birth in our Hypnobirthing Learning Hub

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