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Pregnancy Relaxation CD

Pregnancy Relaxation CD

Ref: 9781905220021 

Price: 11.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

This deeply relaxing CD can be used at any time of your pregnancy and is a wonderful ante dote to the regular stresses and strains of normal life, let alone when you are pregnant! The Deep relaxation techniques, guided visualisation and positive suggestions ensure you have a more comfortable and enjoyable pregnancy, as it will enable you to :-

Benefits of listening to the Pregnancy Relaxation CD
• Increase your energy and feelings of well being
• Improved sleep
• Maintain a healthy blood pressure
• Reduce, even eliminate aches and pains
• Increase communication with your baby
• Maintain a feeling of calm and relaxation
• Learn techniques that will help with giving birth

To get the best results from this CD, use it as part of the award winning Natal Hypnotherapy™ Programme.

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