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Effective Home Birth Preparation - Original Range

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Please note that we will be discontinuing this product during 2016.

Effective Home Birth Preparation MP3

Effective Home Birth Preparation MP3

Price: 10.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 9781905220687

Effective Home Birth Preparation CD

Effective Home Birth Preparation CD

Price: 11.99 (Including VAT at 20%)

Ref: 9781905220519

Effective Home Birth Preparation

Effective Home Birth Preparation

The mp3 teaches you deep relaxation and breathing exercises as well as unique pain management strategies which enable you to be calm, in control and to manage the level of pain during the birth.

The suggestions on the mp3 put in place specific triggers so that all the way through the birthing process, you remain calm, relaxed and feeling in control. The suggestions build in the sights and sounds of your home environment e.g. "....and being at home encourages you to sink even deeper into relaxation", "the familiar sights around you increase your confidence in your bodies ability to birth your baby".

The mp3 will help to:-
Reduce any fears about giving birth
Increase your ability to manage pain naturally
Develop a deep trust of your bodies ability to give birth naturally
Feel calm, relaxed and prepared for the birth
Increase your sense of being in control
Increase your chance of having a drug free labour
Reduce the chances of having post natal depression

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