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What does the training course include?

Birth Physiology workshop (for non birth professionals)

Topics covered during this one day workshop (held prior to the Practitioner Training)

o To have a clear understanding of the physiology of birth
o Understanding the physical structure of the female body
o The impact of hormones before, during and after birth
o The importance of environmental factors on birth
o Understanding of how birth begins and the "normal progression" of birth
o How a woman's body will birth her baby if it is unhindered by drugs
o The difference when she has had artificial hormones / drugs
o The emotional factors which influence birth
o Research supporting the above

Part 1: Hypnosis Theory and practice - 2 days

The aim of this section is not only to help you fully understand hypnosis, the theory and practice, but to enable to you to apply the learning to your own peronal development.

o What is hypnosis (and what it is not)
o How hypnosis can be used
o Understanding the power of the subconscious
o Taking a person into hypnosis
o Importance of language - both helpful and unhelpful
o Practicing induction techniques
o Deepeners
o Using visualisation
o Assessing depth of hypnosis
o Dealing with abreactions
o Understanding the differences in how people perceive the world
o Using appropriate language patterns
o Using metaphor to help create change
o Noticing your clients labels and metaphors
o Use of post hypnotic triggers
o Using anchors and associations
o Applying hypnosis to therapeutic situations
o Running a hypnosis session
o Programme writing
o Letting go exercises
o Applying hypnosis to yourself
o The use of time distortion
o How to safely bring someone out of hypnosis
o Contraindications
o Introduction to other techniques to support a woman e.g. EFT, NLP

Part 2: How to run Natal Hypnotherapy classes - 2 days

This part of the training cover the exact syllubus of the 2 day class and is actually run by the participants. Each one will be given a section as part of their homework and using the step by step manual they present each section back to the group.

o The impact of fear on hormones
o Understanding other cultures approach to birth
o Hypnosis throughout pregnancy
o The importance of preparation of the mind and body
o Using post hypnotic suggestions to turn fear into confidence
o How hypnosis reduces / eliminates fear and is replaced with confidence
o The impact of fear on the birth process
o Script writing for usual and unusual situations e.g. breech, twins
o Creating conversational change
o Importance of antenatal care and not antenatal 'scare'
o Natural pain relief strategies
o Body centric hypnosis
o Using hypnosis whilst moving around / eyes open
o Overcoming challenges
o Facilitation skills
o Pre workshop questionnaire
o Ice breaker introductions
o Hopes and fears exercises for couples
o Working with birth partners (especially cynical ones!)
o Managing a temperature chart (gauging couples beliefs and skills)
o Teaching self hypnosis to couples
o Naming, facing and re-framing fears
o Letting go exercises
o Teaching the physiology of birth
o The emotional map of labour and how to work with each one
o Massage techniques
o Positions for birth
o Using water for the birth
o Working with the medical team
o Importance of environmental factors
o The impact of relaxation and hypnotherapy on the baby
o Using hypnosis to help bonding and communication with the baby
o Ways to use hypnosis after the baby is born
o Importance of avoiding induction
o Breathing techniques and exercises
o Understanding and using the comfort dial
o The role of the birth partner
o Building time distortion into the programme
o Using hypnosis during labour - birth partner and professional
o Teaching couples to write their own affirmations and mind map of birth
o Recommended reading

Part 3: Business aspects and marketing your Natal Hypnotherapy business

Becoming a successful Natal Hypnotherapy practitioner is so much more than simply being passionate about birth and helping women. Unless you also have a good understanding of how to run a business, how to promote yourself and how to market your courses in your area, it will be very hard to make a success, This section covers:-

o Understanding the licensing agreement
o Your obligations to Natal Hypnotherapy
o Natal Hypnotherapy's obligations to you
o Insurance requirements
o Financial and accounting processes
o Taking and managing bookings
o Understanding tax, national insurance, VAT requirements
o Legal requirements
o Health and safety
o IT requirements
o Finding the right venue
o Marketing yourself and the workshops in your area
o Social network marketing
o Networking with other birth professionals
o Making the most of your network
o Local PR