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Bury with Natalie Qureshi

Bury with Natalie Qureshi

Ref: PS0055XXXXX2

Why I became a practitioner

I first discovered and used Natal Hypnotherapy while preparing for the birth of my daughter. I believe that giving birth can be an extremely positive experience for women and their partners, especially when given the right preparation, environment and support. The skills and techniques I learnt through Natal Hypnotherapy helped me to have the kind of birth I had hoped for. Having had such a good experience, I trained as a practitioner, gave up my job as a research professional and am now loving the fact that I can meet and help pregnant women and their partners by passing on the preparation and skills which benefited me.

As well as working in Manchester and beyond, I now deliver relaxation sessions as part of NHS antenatal provision and sit on the programme committee for the University of Manchester’s midwifery degree. I have also completed an integrated hypnotherapy diploma, delivered by the Christie NHS hospital in Manchester, and am also a trained doula.

My core beliefs surrounding pregnancy and birth

I believe that all women know instinctively how to give birth in a way which is as straightforward as possible for both themselves and their babies. This instinct and innate knowledge can become clouded and 'lost' through a fear of giving birth - often perpetuated through negative images and stories present in both the media and throughout wider society. Giving birth can be an experience to be celebrated and approached with positivity rather than trepidation. Natal Hypnotherapy is a practical and realistic way to reduce fear and to re-connect with instinctive birthing.

My experience of working with pregnant women and my personal experience of Natal Hypnotherapy

As mentioned, I have used Natal Hypnotherapy myself as part of my wider preparation for giving birth for my first baby. Whilst I instinctively agreed with many of the principles underpinning Natal Hypnotherapy, I was hopeful but unsure about being able to put what I learnt into action during labour. My labour had a few minor complications, which meant that I was on a medical ward and continuously monitored - a very different scenario from the birthing suite I had planned to be in. Despite the change in environment, using the Natal Hypnotherapy techniques allowed me to remain calm, confident and able respond instinctively to my labour. My labour lasted for six hours and I did not feel the need for any pain relief.

Second time around, I was even more adept at using the techniques and had a very quick, but brilliant birth to a 9lb, 10oz baby! I am passionate about sharing what I learned, and teaching women and their partners all the techniques they need for a calm, relaxed positive birth, no matter where they choose to birth their baby.

Feedback from my classes

“The birth was amazing, I only realised that I was in labour just gone midnight and he was born 4hrs and 37mins later! I managed on 2 paracetamol and a tens machine, then got into the pool and he was born 10-15mins later. He basically birthed himself and swam out. It was perfect.” (December 2014 Workshop)

“One of the best things about the class was having the opportunity and prompts to talk things through that we may not have thought to do so, otherwise. Natalie made me feel very at ease, very calm, professional and knowledgeable and supportive.” (April 2015 workshop)

“I think the workshop was excellent and a very valuable resource, really pleased we did it. As a sceptic beforehand, I have been converted.” (August 2014 workshop)

“Fantastic! Relaxed, open and informative, very reassuring. Helped me really realise how helpful this practise is going to be. Natalie has helped me feel much more empowered, confident and relaxed (but excited) about the birth.” (July 2014 workshop)

“One of the best parts of the workshop for me was seeing my partner get excited about the birth and for him to understand how he can support me. I now feel excited about the birth, and I never thought I would say that. Thank you.” (December 2013 workshop)

My related qualifications & Associations

I birthed both my babies using Natal Hypnotherapy
Licensed Natal Hypnotherapy Practitioner
Integrated Hypnotherapy diploma, The Christie Hospital, Manchester
Mentored doula with Doula UK
Lay service user representative on the University of Manchester Midwifery degree
University of Salford, guest Lecturer School of Midwifery, ‘Uses and advantages of self-hypnosis for birth’

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