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Are you scared of giving birth?  Do you feel anxious and not sure how you will cope?

"I remember feeling just like this with my first pregnancy in 2000. I went on to have such a positive experience using hypnosis that I created Natal Hypnotherapy which is now the UK’s leading provider of award winning hypnobirthing CDs and classes and has helped over 100,000 women." 

Maggie Howell, Founder and voice of Natal Hypnotherapy and mum to 5 boys

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Natal Hypnotherapy is the UK's award winning and most established (since 2000) approach to hypnosis for birth, a technique also known as hypnobirthing, and was developed by clinical hypnotherapist and mother of 5, Maggie Howell.

Natal Hypnotherapy differs from other hypnobirthing methods such as the Mongan method or Katherine Graves method as 

- it was developed exclusively in the UK, by a clinical hypnotherapist who has personally used the techniques for her own five births
- it has been developed alongside the UK maternity system
- it does not suggest that you should change commonly words such as contraction to surge
- it is very tailored to your birth choices with the most comprehensive range of award winning home study CDs and "Effective Birth Preparation Book" which are frequently part of Amazon's top five best Selling  pregnancy and birth titles

The training for the in depth Natal Hypnotherapy workshops is accredited by the Royal College of Midwives and the workshops are run in several NHS trusts. In addition Natal Hypnotherapy is the preferred method of hypnosis for birth by birth professionals, being recommended by over 3000 birth professionals.

Celebrity endorsements
Nell McAndrew -  Model, Marathon runner, fitness and TV personality

 " After being highly recommended to try Maggie Howell's Natal Hypnotherapy CD's for the birth of my second child, I am happy to say that I am so glad I did. Even though I only had chance to listen to the CD a couple of times before the day of the birth arrived, I found it very useful. 

From 3am until my baby arrived at 11:44am I found the music gave me a calm focus, even when we got stuck in traffic on the way to the hospital! The music helped me breath through each contraction and make me determined not to get stressed. The relaxing birth music CD is still something I use when my baby sleeps to keep a calm and relaxed atmosphere around the house.

Every time I hear the music it makes me emotional as I remember what a special day the birth of my baby girl was. Thanks so much!"

   Carolin and Matt Dawson, International Rugby Player & TV personality

  "Thanks to Natal Hypnotherapy I had an amazing experience giving birth to my gorgeous baby boy. The techniques allowed me to have a drug free home birth in water. The program gave me a whole new outlook on giving birth! Thank you once again Maggie" 

Beverly Turner and James Cracknell - TV presenters and Olympic gold medallist

"Eventually, after 24 hours of niggling contractions, I lay down to use Maggie Howell’s Natal Hypnotherapy CDs: a powerful evolution of the original hypnobirthing concept. It was a dizzying, enlightening process and, when I “came to”, I knew exactly what I needed to do" James and Beverley talk about their birth in their new book "Touching Distance"

Sarah Cawood - TV presenter

"Even though I ended up having a pre planned caesarean section (my little boy was breech), I didn't regret for one minute the wonderful time I spent using Maggie's Natal Hypnotherapy System. I LOVED the birthing stories in the book which were uplifting and inspiring and made me excited to try the techniques I learnt from the CDs. 

Every evening I would take an hour just to myself to listen to the CDs and reaffirm all the positive, exciting things that were taking place. Even though I was denied the opportunity to put all my new found techniques into practice, I used the relaxation techniques when I went into theatre to have my operation as I was very nervous and knew it would help me remain calm. 

I really feel that taking that time to breathe and relax was invaluable and contributed hugely to my very positive pregnancy experience. Now then ladies, with me: 3,2,1, RELAAAAX:-)."